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21 Coolest Kids Toys You Can Make from Recycled Materials Part 2

Looking for a cheap and original way to make your little ones happy? Then why not make them a toy from recycled materials? Last week, we at Rubbish Please, has published a list of 10 great ideas for recycled DIY toys, with a promise to show you 11 more. So, here are they! Another 11 wonderful project to do with your children.

 11. Toilet paper rolls? You can make little race cars

These wonderful toilet paper roll race cars are made by Dominika Moskal. She has shared a thorough step-by-step guide on her blog, Handimania.

12. A gallery of toilet tube animals

Toilet Paper Tube Animals

source: Carujeme

Kristen Swain is the creator and designer of these colourful toilet tube animals.

13. Origami Paper Duck


source: Pixabay ; Public Domain License

14. Recycled Figures Are Great For Kid’s Imagination

15. Finger puppets

Tea Wagon Tales shares their gorgeous toilet roll family.

16. Birdhouses with cute paper cone roofs

Your kids surely will enjoy these hanging birdhouses made of toilet paper rolls.

17. A model bi-plane

Toilet Paper Roll Mini Plane

Extraordinary mini plane made of an ordinary toilet paper tube

18. Use toilet paper rolls as a stencil for a fun kid’s craft

Toilet Paper Roll Stencils

Kerri Kanter shows us a fun kids craft you can do with your children.

19. And beautiful sculptures. Yes, all from a toilet paper roll.

Toilet Paper Roll Sculpture

Another way you can use toilet paper rolls is by making 3-D art with Paper Roll Sculptures.

20. You can paint old tin cans to look like green pigs and paint a beak on an old red ball. An Angry Birds mini bowling set.

Angry Birds Mini Bowling Set

Turn your favourite kids’ smartphone game characters into a real life fun with this homemade Angry Birds mini bowling set.

21. Paint old CDs black and scratch out beautiful rainbow hued designs.

CDs Scratch ArtConvert your old CDs into great art work that can be put up on the walls.

Depending on how much arts and crafts time you set aside this summer, we’ve got the list. We’ve seen Rubbish Please do some beautiful things with recycling, but nothing compares to these arts and crafts projects. Always inspiring, this is reuse and reduce at it’s finest, and perhaps fine art. Rubbish Please has proven recycling is an art form, so why don’t you spend the summer with the kids using your imagination by reusing your rubbish.

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2 Responses to 21 Coolest Kids Toys You Can Make from Recycled Materials Part 2

  1. Natasha says:

    A great list of ideas that I can do. I have been collecting toilet paper rolls for a while now and had no clue what I wanted to do.

  2. Becca @ Bare Feet on the Dashboard says:

    Thanks for linking up with the Fabulously Frugal Link Party! These are such fun ideas for recycling AND making fun toys.

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