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21 Recycled DIY Toys – Part 1

Summer is right around the corner, and finding one fun thing for the kids is challenging enough, much less a summer’s worth activities. We wracked our brains and came up with the perfect number of DIY projects for the kids: 21. 21 is an ambitious number, but enough to cover even the longest, hottest summer. 21 is no small task for list makers and parents alike, so let’s get down to business. All of the following projects are kid approved, budget friendly, and good for the earth. Can you finish all 21?

1. Crush cans and paint them to look like faces

A painted face on an old tin can

Made by the artist Nancy Wiedower, this colourful tin can face could be the inspiration for your own project.

2. Take unused scraps of paper and wallpaper glue to make sculptures

Autumn Tree Paper Sculpture

This wonderful Autumn tree sculpture made of a paper bag is shared by Inner Child Fun.

3. Decorate circles of cardboard to make a fun necklace

Cardboard Necklace

source: Mommy Labs

Meet Rashmie’s daughter, and check out the wonderful cardboard necklace she made for the Mother’s Day on Mommy Labs.

4. Newspaper Recycled into a Box


5. Take a forgotten dinosaur toy, fashion two holes, and make a toothbrush holder

Dinosaurus Toothbrush Holder

Upcycle That presents a delightful way to turn your dinosaur toys into a nice toothbrush holder.

6. Burnt out light bulbs? Black and yellow paint, some pipe cleaners, you can make fun craft bees

Light bulb bumblebee

SheKnows provides a detailed how-to guide on making light bulb bumblebees.

7. Transform empty milk and water jugs into a colorful totem pole

Totem Pole made of milk jugs

For complete how-to guide, go to ZiggityZoom for this Totem Pole craft.

8. Pop tabs strung with ribbon make for a simple bracelet

Pop Tab Bracelet

We found this magnificent DIY pop tab bracelet on Ivette Perez‘ blog, Taking Off At Nine, where she explains how this cute bracelet is made.

9. Tin cans, paint, and some strips of ribbon create the perfect windsock

Ribbon Windsock

Create this beautiful ribbon windsock by following Think Craft’s guidelines.

10. You can also poke patterns in tin cans to create elegant lanterns

Tin Can Lanterns

Mollie Makes explains how to transform tin cans into eye-catching lanterns.

Stay tuned with us for the rest DIY toy projects.

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