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Money-Saving Tips for a Hassle-FREE House Clearance

Is your home cluttered with old dusty items? Do you need to make space for new pieces of furniture or modern electrical appliances? Are you becoming more mindful and want to have a minimalist home? It may sound like an... Continue reading

How to Dispose of Small Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances to dispose Whether your fridge has gone off or you’re looking to get a new kitchen altogether, getting rid of old appliances should be your first concern.  Kitchen appliances are big and bulky, not to mention made of materials that sometimes make... Continue reading

UK Waste is Going Up, Going Up, Going Up.

Ways of Dealing With School Waste There are annual waste statistics that must be made for every country and every city. These statistics include the amount of waste recycled, reused, and burned for the businesses and households during the year. Continue reading

Complete List of Tips To Live an Eco-Friendly Life at Home

Tips To Lead an Eco-Friendly Life at Home Living an environmentally friendly life is not only beneficial for nature but will save you thousands of pounds each year. It is a win-win situation and will make you feel great about yourself. There are four major categories you can... Continue reading

How to Recycle or Reuse Your Smartphone or Laptop?

Thumbnail picture of How to recycle or reuse your smartphone of laptop Nowadays, everyone has a laptop and a smartphone nowadays due to the affordable price and the ever-increasing need for connection to the Internet. Moreover, as new software and hardware updates come out more often, the demand for new devices grows every... Continue reading

History of Recycling in London and the United Kingdom

Wonder how recycling and waste management evolved in the UK? Ever wondered where all your garbage/refuse/trash goes after it is collected by the rubbish collectors? In this article we will find out the way London disposes of its waste. The history of recycling in the U.K. The United Kingdom has... Continue reading

The 5 Green Technology Inventions To Look for in 2017

The 5 Green Technologies to Look for in 2017 The year 2020 is coming closer and closer on the horizon and the world is looking frantically for green technologies to make our lives more sustainable. From an integrated control system for your home to smart clothes, modular smartphones, edible... Continue reading

How to Recycle at Work Effectively?

Recycle at work training In this article, we will discuss the importance of recycling at your workplace and what steps to follow in order to successfully implement this practice in your company. Why Should You Recycle at Your Workplace? The reasons are many, let’s... Continue reading

Interviewing The Must-follow Upcycling Artists

7_Upcycling_Artists_You_Should_Know_About The reason we started writing this blog post about those creative upcycling artists is actually the previous one, called “What is upcycling“. The aim of our latest blog post was to build more awareness about the topic. Suddenly, during the research about... Continue reading

What is upcycling ?

upcycling Upcycling is a process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful. As known as creative reuse, upcycling gives an item a better purpose. Unlike the recycling, here the aim is not to break consumer materials down so their... Continue reading