The Rubbish Removal Service To Choose In London

There is always that moment in which you need some handy professional rubbish disposal in London. When that time comes just contact Rubbish Please and we will organize all the features of the clearance you need, by sending you the most competent removal team to take care for you rubbish. When our professionals visit you they will examine and classify the amount and weight of the trash that has to be removed, give you the exact price and get to work.

Our professional rubbish removal London team

We work in eco-friendly way and our experts are experienced in collecting of all kinds of rubbish like appliances, old furniture, waste from your garden or home, old office equipment, etc. The technicians that will collect your rubbish can clear out your property, work place, garden shed, garden, office and all other sorts of places, the only thing you have to assure is the access. There is always free quotation of the service before the start. That way you can be sure of the final price and that there are not any hidden charges. 

Count on our company for timely and comprehensive rubbish removal service. The competent service we deliver all over London is cost-effective and hassle-free and it is always the preffered option than trying to clear out the trash by yourself. You are paying only for the work and the waste disposed. In case you are have some urgent situation we offer and same day service with no additional payment where possible. See some example benefits that are included in this service:

  • Convenient service available even through bank holidays or weekends with no extra cost.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Steady same-day service when needed.

  • Full coverage from gathering, transporting and removing.

  • Constant discount rates and deals.

  • Great customer care with attention to every detail.

  • Unbeaten prices.

The rubbish will be collected, transported and disposed in safe and professional manner. All the trash that can be recycled will be delivered at the right place for this aim. Check out our website to see all the professional rubbish clearance services we offer. See the affordable prices and the testimonials from our customers. 

Mattress Disposal by Rubbish Please

Affordable and comprehensive rubbish clearance for all areas of London especially for you by Rubbish Please. Call us at 020 3404 5556 any time. The support is always accessible and will give you a hand to determine the service, booking hours and give you free quotation. 


Very happy with the service. The person I initially spoke to on the phone was very good, explaining the costing...

Whitney Dolan, Greenwich

The best junk removal service I have used, excellent service. The team leader was very personable, polite and...

Alex Smith, Southfields

A Perfect Service thanks. Your people were brilliantly efficient and easy to deal with. The guys really were...

Simon Davis, Brixton

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Useful Terms
The reprocessing of already used materials into new products in order to reduce the usage of raw materials. It's purpose is to prevent the waste of resources, reduce air and water pollution and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.
Waste stream
The complete flow of waste from domestic or industrial areas through to final disposal.
Commercial waste
Waste materials from factories, markets, restaurants, pubs, offices, warehouses, hotels and other wholesale or retail establishments.
Waste collector
A person employed by a private company or a local council to dispose of waste from households, businesses and bins.
Electronic Waste
E-waste is discarded electronic devices such as computers, TVs, microwaves and other electrical appliances. This type of waste is also known as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).
A typical place to dispose of rubbish and refuse. Waste is buried in excavated pits which are usually covered with soil or special fabric cover. This method is considered safe for the environment.
Municipal solid waste (MSW)
Known as refuse or rubbish in the UK. Consists of unwanted items thrown away by the public on daily basis.
Organic waste
Refers to types of waste that contain carbon. This could be paper, food waste or yard trimmings. The term is often used to describe materials that can be decomposited by microorganisms
The illegal disposal of waste on land not certified to store and/or receive it.
Bulky waste
Household appliances such as ovens and fridges, as well as unwanted furniture and other large refuse that can't be handled by the regular Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) processing methods.
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