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Tesco Acts Against UK’s Food Waste

Food Waste

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A recent study by Tesco and the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) revealed the food waste for the 25 most popular supermarket foods is over the top. The retail colossus gave out the info that 28,500 tonnes of food waste were generated throughout its stores during the first half of 2013.

These numbers also help estimate the cost of  £700 every year per household, just for uneaten food.

Tesco stated that they are starting improvements in their sales departments to help reduce the household waste. For starters, they are ending the multi-buy offers on the large bags of salad and removing the “display until” dates on their fresh stock.

The company is determined to raise awareness towards this problem. They will arrange the in-store bakeries to show less bread on display and improve the stock control.

The study showed, that 68 per cent of the whole production, grown for bagged salad is thrown away.

Tesco will provide simple tips to their customers – mostly about proper storage of fruits and vegetables.

Food decay is known to produce methane, which is a greenhouse gas. Thrown out food also means wasted water for its production.

Rubbish Please are also keen to reduce all types of waste. We tip our hats to Tesco. Let’s make our planet a better place to live!

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