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Spring House Cleaning – Get Your Home Tidy For The Spring

Spring House Clearance For All You Don’t Need Anymore

Before starting the cleaning procedures all around your property, you have to make sure you get rid of all items that are not worth refurbishing as you’ll waste your time and effort. After some of your household items have been overused for too long or just got damaged badly, trying to repair them will cost you more than buying new pieces of furniture, especially if you pay someone else to do that job for you.

House clearance by Rubbish Please
To avoid spending precious resources on rubbish, check all corners of your house for items you should remove and make a list of them. Usually, basements and ceilings are used for storing old belongings you better get rid of as soon as possible. When you finish with the observation, simply book a house clearance service and let the professionals take out everything as this requires a lot of brute strength and appropriate transport in which you have to load everything.

It’s up to you to decide if your old furniture will be given to charity or you’ll earn some quick cash by selling it to the closest store for used household items.

Bedroom Spring Clearance Tips

a bed after a bedroom spring clearance

This is the place in your home where you spend most of the time simply because you are sleeping inside. The hygiene there must be at a top level and no compromise should be made in that aspect. The spring is the perfect time when you can begin your household project for making your home cozy.

Prepare your bedroom

Put all clothes away as you don’t want any dust to get onto them when you start cleaning. Open the windows to let fresh air inside and allow everything unpleasant such as odors and microfibers  get out of the room. Get the ordinary tools like a mop, towel and some cleaning agents that fit into your budget, don’t go for anything too fancy, you’re not a professional after all.

Making Your Mattress Look Like New

a mattress cleaned for the upcoming spring
In case there is mold on your mattress, make a mixture of half teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and 1 liter of warm water, whip it a little bit and then apply softly without soaking the liquid too deep.

Blood stains are a child’s play to remove if you follow these simple steps. Get yourself a hydrogen peroxide and put some on the spot, just make sure you use dry material to mop it up afterwards.

If you’re a smoker and the smell of cigarettes has soaked up so deeply into all fabrics in your bedroom that you hardly fall asleep any more, the next time you visit the supermarket you better get Lysol spray. After you empty it on your mattress, let it dry out for  few days. Afterwards, use Febreeze and don’t forget to finish with a protective pad that will help you avoid allergic symptoms.

For any spills of colourful drinks on your bed, vinegar will do pretty good in getting out the smudges. As an alternative you can use any citrus cleaner that will also do well for this application.

All The Things to Clean in Your Kitchen For The Spring

Shining kitchen after a spring clearance

You can’t afford to skip that room in your home as you are cooking, eating and storing food inside. If you don’t pay attention at keeping it spotless, people might lose their appetite when spotting dirty areas while eating and this will speak for yourself as a house owner.

Remove the dust from the corners and the walls

If your walls do not need to be washed completely, begin focusing on the spots which are most common. These are: the door knobs, air vents, the bar plots, furniture handles and every other place where someone might have left fingerprints.

Get your oven and refrigerator ready for the spring

When you shut down your refrigerator, don’t miss the coils, vacuum them and proceed next. After you apply the oven cleaner, start wiping it carefully without making contact with any wires. That is the time when you can make an inspection of the device and see if there are any damaged parts due to the long exploitation. Move the appliances from their place and clean all dust and food drops that might have entered below them accidentally.

Empty the dishwasher and run it without any dishes inside

Female preparing a dishwasher for spring cleaning
Before you make this, spill into the dishwasher some vinegar and baking soda which will give the sparkling effect of the metal.Buy appropriate cleaning agent for the material your dishwasher’s outside body is made of and polish it to perfection. This is what your guests will land their eyes on when they sit on your table for dinner.

Carpet Cleaning Techniques You Need To Learn Before The Spring.

Vacuumming the carpet before the spring

We all hate that moment when something dirty gets onto the carpet. It’s removal is usually risky if you don’t use working cleaning technique and applying chemicals on it might damage it unpredictably. Follow these simple tips and tricks listed below and you won’t need help unless professional carpet cleaners can do more.

The chewing gum classic scenario

Going to the freezer for ice gotta be the first move you make when you realize a gum has stuck on your precious carpet. Leave the cubes on the sticky leftover for 30 seconds and then use a well-sharpened blade to cut out small pieces of the fabric along with gum. As long as you execute this carefully, nothing can go wrong.

Wax is even easier to remove

Lighting candles will always work for making the atmosphere more romantic when you’re sharing a precious moment with your beloved one. The potential dangers of this, in addition to making an arson, are the wax spot you can leave on your carpet. Don’t panic at all if that happens. Instead, cover the bottom of your iron with cloth and heat it up while applying pressure on the wax. The high temperature will melt it and it will be ready to get cut out with a knife. Do not hold the iron for more than 30 seconds as this may make burns on your carpet. If there is any was left on the carpet after this procedure, place a piece of paper and iron again, the wax will melt and stick to it.

Pets don’t always care about your carpet

If you’re an owner of a puppy, or simply haven’t had enough time to train your dog well, you’ll regularly see a mess on your carpet. Being organic, makes its clearance way more convenient for you if you take that fact into consideration. Just use organic cleaner and then wipe away with soft dry towel.

Clear Windows Make The Spring More Beautiful


Having windows absolutely shining and clean attracts the attention of passengers around your house and gives you better quality view when observing from inside your home. Professionals in the field shared some of their secrets on how to achieve that and we’re going to tell you more about it.

Use cold water to fill your bucket and add detergent inside. You’ll use this to wet your mop which is an essential instrument for your window cleaning. Use it to remove all the dirt from the windows and to apply the cleaning agent. When you’re finished, pull out your squeegee and position it at the perfect angle of 45 degrees, after that, apply force and stick it to the window. Keeping constant pressure should go together with movements that remove the foam from the mop.

Edges will be hard to reach but for polishing them you can use micro-fiber cloth. Occasionally, there will be dead insects splashed all over the window, to get that removed, use clean parts of the dry cloth.

Household Furniture Cleaning Makes You Ready For The Spring

Neglecting the fact that your home furniture absorbs all types of dirt from the everyday activities like sleeping, eating and chilling out will not affect positively your life. You better start thinking on how you’ll bring the fancy look your house fittings had when they were bought, or better – read the useful tips we’re going to give you.

Sofa cleaning tips

Very clean sofasBefore you start working on your sofa, take a look at its label to see the code that the manufacturer has left there. There are 4 options for this: S-code, P, W and X. If your sofa falls under the category of S or P you’ll need a solvent to remove any stains from it and water must not be used on them as it will shrink the matter and damage the whole piece of furniture.

Applying alcohol will do the job for you if you’re owning an S sofa as long as you use colourless fabric to remove the dirt. If the sponge is coloured the alcohol will cause its paint to drop off and you’ll destroy completely your sofa.

This technique cannot be used for x-sofas. Vacuum is the only option available for these. If cushions are part of the whole sofa, you can beat the dust out of them which will temporarily solve your problems.
Sofas with the a W mark on them can be treated with water or steam. After you finish with the steamer, go through the treated areas with dry towel to make sure there is nothing left on the furniture after the cleaning.
Refurbishing wooden furniture requires skills

Wooden table ready for spring cleaningAlways follow the direction of the grain when removing dusts from wooden furniture as this will save your items from scratches and will prolong their life. When dealing with varnished furniture, avoid spilling too much water on it and always use soft fabrics for polishing. If there is wax on your wooden furniture, skip the detergents and use soap flakes instead and don’t get the wooden items overwet.

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