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Recycling In Colour

As we get better at recycling, the process get more involved. Not more complex, but there are more options to recycle the right way. In the beginning, one could simply separate their bottles and cans from the regular rubbish, put it in one clearly marked bin, and count it a good deed done. Now, as recycling methods have been refined, there are better techniques in place. The success of these techniques begins with you. Next time you take the rubbish out and see multiple colour coded recycling bins, don’t fret. We’ve got the tips you need to make sure you’re recyclable rubbish goes to the right place.

Blue Bin

Ah, the blue bin. The long standing iconic bin that brought recycling to the world. Recycling without the blue bin is like Ben Hur without the chariot race; it’s unthinkable. Where you will continue to find blue bins used for recycling, their role has evolved. These days, your blue bin is for cardboard and paper products only. Think your newspapers, cereal boxes, envelopes, directories, brochures, and leaflets. Paper is a heavily used resource and one of the most recyclable, so what better home for your paper rubbish than the classic blue bin?

Green Bin

With the green bin the powers that be have provided an easy mnemonic device to help you remember. Green begins with the letter ‘g’, and it’s the bin for your glass. Perfect for your bottles of not just green glass, but any colour, the green bin is ready to do some heavy lifting. You can also put your jam and food jars in the green bin as well, just be sure and remove the lids first. And where it may be easy to put all bottles in one spot, please, save your plastics for our next bin.

Silver Bin

By process of elimination you may have already guessed it, but the silver bin is for the rest of your recyclables. Aluminum cans, plastic bottles, foil trays, toiletry bottles, metal lids; if it’s recyclable and not in the previous two bins, your silver bin is good for the job.

If all else fails, consult the good folks on the internet or contact your local council. You want to do what is right, and they’ll ensure your recyclable rubbish finds a good home. Before long, you’ll be a color coded recycling professional. Still not sure? Make it easy on yourself and contact Rubbish Please. Experts at disposal jobs of all varieties, the folks at Rubbish Please will swing by, cart off your rubbish, and do the recycling due diligence for you. Give them a ring. After all, they did say please.

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