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How to Plant Green

How Does Your Green Garden Grow?

It makes perfect sense, the earth grows things, you grow things, what could possibly go wrong? Well, as with many endeavors in the modern world, the result may seem natural, but you can still do damage to the earth. Gardening is no different, between leeching the soil of it’s nutrients, growing the wrong kind of plants, and harsh chemical pest repellents, your garden can do great harm to the environment. If you want a garden as green as the herbs sprouting from the soil, here are a few simple rules to follow.


There is no more earth friendly way to power a garden than with your own home grown compost. Composting is incredibly easy, and the soil collected from the bottom of the bin is supercharged with natural goodness. You can purchase or build a simple compost bin, stuff it full of your regular organic waste, and come planting time you’ll have handfuls of some of the richest soil you’ve ever seen. Not only a great way to reduce food waste, compost is a key component in a three cycle, or self-sustaining garden. And everything you save from the rubbish bin is that much less Rubbish Please will have to haul away.

Go Native

The best way to support your local environment is to grow plants native to the area. Plants flourishing in your region have done so for hundreds of years, and plants forced to grow out of their element can wreck the soil. Native plants are not only more naturally inclined to grow, but they can often require less water and attention. Exotic plants can out grow native species and upend a long held cycle. Native plants also aid local fauna providing a food source as well as empowering the pollinators with their own important job to do.

Cut the Chemicals

Whether it is fertilizer or pesticide, improper application of chemicals to a garden can have disastrous effects. Chemicals can seep into the groundwater, pollute the soil, and cause harm to the creatures who are only there to help your garden. If you start your own compost heap, the need for fertilizer diminishes drastically. There are also a number of natural remedies to combat unwanted pests. If you do decide to go with pest control, at least reach out to a reputable service like Fantastic Pest Control for a consultation.

We here at Rubbish Please love the earth. It’s why we do what we do, so next time you go to your garden, use your green thumb the green way. Nature knows best, after all it has done this a long time.

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