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National Old Stuff Day

old stuffed animalOn Old Stuff Day we let go of the burdens of the past and look forward to what new life has to offer us. It is always celebrated on March 2nd and while its origin remains unknown, it is becoming more and more popular each year.

 What makes Old Stuff Day so special?

We’ve all probably heard the saying “same old, same old”. Actually, the Old Stuff Day is the perfect way to escape from your repetitive daily routines. It is the day to do the things differently and look at them from different perspective.

Take a moment to recognise the activities you do each day, then think of other ways of doing them in order to try and experience something new. Why not get up earlier and clean those junk piles you’ve been postponing for months? Or try food you usually do not order in restaurants. Get a new hair cut—the worse thing that can happen is you not liking the new style, but there’s always the possibility you’ll fall in love with your new look. Take a different rout on your way to the office, or even call an old friend you haven’t seen in years. Don’t have any? Old Stuff Day is the perfect occasion to make new ones!

 What is the message this day carries?

Try to open your mind for new things and ideas, this is what Old Stuff Day is all about. Make “what if…” your motto for the day.

  • It’s a day to be nostalgic. Being nostalgic is fine as you can appreciate what you have now, to measure your growth by comparing the past and the present. Try to find some old photographs or toys. Are they reviving old memories and feelings? Invite your friends or family over a coffee and share those memories.
  • It’s also a day to appreciate the vintage. Pay a visit to antique store or junk shop. Find yourself something interesting, something rare. It can be a gramophone, a paisley hat or original action figures of your favourite heroes.
  • It’s a day to learn something new. There’s an overabundance of information sources nowadays. Educational channels, websites, online videos, public libraries, even your grandfathers’ stories—you can find something interesting for you in each one of these. Well, you may already heard your grandfathers’ stories, but hear them again and try to take something new from them!
  • It’s a day to be unpredictable. Leave your car at home, choose to travel with public transport. It may not be as cosy as your car, but can provide unique experience. Musicians on the underground, tourists on the buses and even new friends on the bus stops.
  • It’s a day to declutter both your home and mind. Take moment and sort through all your old stuff in home. Do you really need it all? Do other members of your family need it? If you find something you want to get rid of, throwing it in the junk may not be the best solution. With some efforts, all the old stuff you don’t need can be transformed into thoughtful gift, or you could help a charity store with a donation.

Old Stuff Day is not a day to do the same, boring old stuff. It is a day to slow down for awhile and recognize the boring nature of your daily routine. To think how to make some thrilling changes. To find different and new activities or hobbies. Do something, anything, different. In the end you will be glad that you did!

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