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Luton Authorities Stop Garden Waste Collection This Winter

Garden waste collection in winterWe’ve recently been reading the local papers here at Rubbish Please and have spotted a bit of bad news for any residents in Luton, currently taking advantage of the local authorities garden waste collection. The big wigs on the council have decided to stop their garden waste collection over the winter months. From the beginning of December until the end of February residents will have to take their garden waste to one of only two Household Waste Recycling Centres in the area.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you won’t be generating garden waste, although we can appreciate it’ll be in much smaller quantities. But it’s not as bad as it seems because there are a couple of alternatives. You could take this opportunity to start your very own composting project and make better use of the garden trimmings and cuttings you normally get taken away. Or you can take advantage of the garden waste collection service we provide here at Rubbish Please.

Starting your own compost pile is pretty simple. There are plenty of bins you can buy for the purpose or simply build your own. Even in the smallest of gardens you can probably find enough spare ground to create a very productive compost pile. Spring is really the best time to get started as the glut of fallen leaves in the autumn are not a good base to deliver the best results. It would be better to use any leaves for leaf mould. The best rule to follow is to not put too much of any one thing into your compost pile. As in everyday life a little bit of everything is much better. For the best results combine a mixture of soft, green, nitrogen-rich material and dry, brown, carbon-rich material in roughly the same quantity. Once your compost pile is up and running you’ll pretty soon have you very own supply of fertile compost to plough back into your own garden.

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