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Different Ways to Use Your Old TV

Reruns on TV

Televisions have changed remarkably over the past decade. What were once boxy behemoths have become sleek and thin vessels of not only television shows, but wifi streaming and HDMI inputs. As the gears of technology keep grinding forward, plenty of old TVs have fallen by the wayside. Where it may be easy to give them to your kids or a neighbor or a charity shop, we thought of some fun new ways to reuse…ahem…Rerun your old TV.


Want to see something truly beautiful in 3D on your old TV? Transform it into a planter? There are a couple of different methods. One is to remove the guts of the television. You’ll need to be careful, but with a screw driver you should be able to remove the electronic elements leaving nothing but the shell and the screen. Lay some soil, plant a few things–succulents look great–and enjoy your favorite new channel! For the elements removed, contact your local recycling plant or give us at Rubbish Please a call to ensure it is properly disposed of.


Enjoy throwing Mad Men watching cocktail parties? Enjoy the characters of Mad Men sitting in front of comically large TV sets from the 1960’s? Now you can combine both! Similar to the steps above, you’ll need to remove the element and the screen as well. Affix a couple of offset shelves inside the set, add a couple of lights above the shelves, and then attach a handsome piece of wood to the back. You have a swinging cocktail bar, a perfect mix of blast from the past and recycling savvy.


Pet Bed

As much time as we spend watching cat videos on YouTube, we figured, why not just put our pet in there? A very simple, elegant rebuild, if you have a set large enough, your pet can have a charming new home. As with the above, you simply remove the element, and add according to your pet. Have a fish? Place it’s tank inside the old TV. Have a dog, paint the old TV and set their bed inside? Prefer cats? A bed and a hammock or two, and your cats will be the TV stars they always should have been.

Don’t, “kill your TV,” as the old punk rock slogan goes, reuse it! With a bit of creativity, handy work, and Rubbish Please to safely remove the mess, your TV can be renewed for several seasons to come.

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