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How Children Can Help Save Electricity

Remember when your parents used to make such a fuss about turning out the lights? Now it’s your turn. You’re older and wiser and have kids of your own, and every time you look at the energy bill, it hurts a little bit more. You may do what you can, but unless the entire family is invested in using less electricity, you’ll never win. Make it fun, make it easy, and the electricity bill will be slashed in no time.


As it is the way of the world, children have more gadgets than ever. The concept of unplugging is important in the greater sense, encouraging children to put down the tablet, or video game controller, or smart phone and go outside. In a smaller sense, remembering to unplug their gadgets when they are charged can have an immediate impact. If a device is plugged in and turned on, it is sucking electricity from the socket no matter what. At first, it make take some spot checks on mom and dad’s behalf, especially with young ones, but this is a very simple fix for reducing electricity waste.

Switch Off

Yes, we’ve come full circle. You obsess over lights left on for no reason. When you leave a room turn out the light! Sound familiar? It’s okay, our parents are smarter than we thought and someday our own children will see the light, no pun intended. For something like this, try making it a game for your kids. Who can turn off the most lights in a week? What is their reward? It needn’t be anything big, but a little incentive goes a long way. If you can impress upon them the importance of saving electricity by turning off lights they aren’t using, you’ll save money now, and they’ll save money in the future.


This may be a pricier option, but one your kids will likely love. Technology is going green. Batteries last longer, gadgets require less energy, and our techie gizmos are learning how to be more efficient. If you really want to reduce waste, a new round of light bulbs, lamps, TVs, computers. etc… will use dramatically less energy. Have your kids use their magic internet powers to find the most energy conscious options at the best price. They’ll love their new toys and you’ll love the lower bill. For everything else, donate it to the charity shop or call Rubbish Please. Even though you have no use for an item, Rubbish Please will ensure it has the best shot at reuse.

It’s just that simple! Get the kids involved, make it fun for the whole family, and lower your bill. Your parents would be proud.

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