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Regular waste disposal is a great start, but to keep your premises sanitary it's important that your rubbish containers are clean and hygienic. Rubbish Please London now offers you a competitively priced service for your domestic and commercial wheelie bin cleaning in London. Here's how it works:

Domestic Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Your London wheelie bin cleaners come to your property after your rubbish collection. Your bins are lifted onto the back of a specially adapted lorry. The inside and outside of the container is blasted with water, and a biodegradable sanitising agent is used to kill odour-causing bacteria.

Every surface is cleaned, including the lid and hinge areas. After power cleaning any hard grime stuck to the surface is removed manually, excess water is drained, and the bin is allowed to dry before being coated with a disinfecting solution and lowered back into position.

Commercial Bin Cleaning

The process is identical to the method used for your domestic bin washing service. The cleaning lorry is suitable for any size of waste receptacle, from a standard domestic 240 litre wheeled bin up to a 1100 litre commercial rubbish container.

Book cleaning as often as you need it, and for as many or as few bins as you like. As a bin cleaning company we work with a wide variety of commercial establishments including shops, offices, restaurants, hotels, and care homes. In short, if the hygiene and sanitary standards of your business premises are important to you, give us a call!

Reasons to Use a Professional Bin Cleaning Service

You'll spare yourself a dirty job and never have to worry about reaching to the bottom of a deep container. You'll also gain the following advantages:

  • You'll be sure that your bins and the environment around them is odour-free and sanitary
  • You'll greatly reduce the risks of attracting insects, rodents, foxes, or other animals to your bin storage areas
  • Your bin washing is completed using recycled water and biodegradable cleaning agents, so it's environmentally friendly too
  • Simplify your life by combining cleaning wheelie bins with junk removal or house clearance

Book Your London Bin Washing Today

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