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House Clearance as a Stressful Experience

When the clutter levels in our home start to rise, our stress levels are mounting along with it. Having a life preoccupied by messy spaces contributes to feelings of anxiety and helplessness. The redundant piles of rubbish around us draw our attention away from the things that truly matter.

Imagine when you are running late for work, but can't find the car keys. What about the time when needed an important paperwork completely swallowed by household clutter. You’ll get angry in no time and that feeling won't disappear till the end of the day. Also, if there is junk everywhere around us our brain receives signals for unfinished work.

Usually the cleaning responsibilities are not assigned between different roommates or family members. There is always just a single person, who cares enough to handle the decluttering. So there is no point of leaving all the hassle to ourselves. If you want to avoid stressful conversations, just hire a local house clearance company.

How to Decide If You Need a House Clearance Service

House clearance is a type of domestic service that may involve a part or the entire house. People resort to the service when they need many items (often bulky) removed from the house, basement, shed or garage.

Common situations when you might need home clearance:

  • trying to create some space;
  • clearing the home of a family member;
  • renovating the house;
  • preparing a home for sale;
  • moving to a new property;
  • after a bereavement;
  • when a family member or friend is taken into care.

In each case the house usually needs to be cleared of it's contents. You might consider doing the house clearance by yourself but be advised that it is a tough and time-consuming job. Also, you might need a van to transport the junk to a recycling centre. By hiring house clearance experts, you will not have to think about all of these stuff. A home clearance company will save you the mental and physical straining, and will give you the luxury of more free time.

Hire the Right House Clearance Company

When you are looking to hire a professional, no matter what job for, you most probably will want to ensure the hired company is reputable and trusted. In searching for “the chosen one”, it's always worth asking friends or colleagues for recommendations and reviews. Taking tips from friends and relatives always goes a long way.

Internet is another great source of information. Check the popular search engines like Google, Bing or search around some local ones for rubbish removal or house clearance companies. Check as many companies as possible.

When your choice comes down to two or three companies, it's time to contact them. Check the prices and operating licenses. Be insistent and ask their reps if the company is a registered waste carrier. It is also your right to know how exactly the rubbish will be disposed. If your household engages in fly-tipping you could be held responsible and face a fine of up to £50’000 read more here.

Get Your Quote on a House Clearance Service

To get your ideal quote, you would want to have at least three or four quotes from different companies. This way you can get a precise view on the pricing for the endeavour. Beside the pricing, there is another little tip you don't want to skip. A reputable and trustworthy rubbish clearance company will be more than happy to provide a free no-obligation quote.

Describe the items you want to get rid of as thoroughly as possible. This will help your company to get a real idea on the density of contents need to be cleared, anticipation on how many trips they will need, what can be disposed into a reliable and eco-friendly manner, etc. Flexible work hours and different payment methods can be considered an advantage.

Don’t forget to check about types of waste the company don’t collect.

How Long Will It Take to Perform the Home Clearance

House clearance can be a tedious exercise that not many are willing to do. It takes time and effort to go through your house and collect all the furniture and items you want to dispose of. Also, you will have to think of a suitable way to take your junk to the recycling centre. Not many people have vans, and you most certainly will need one. Therefore, hiring a rubbish removal company is usually the better choice when it comes to house clearance.

A regular two or three bedroom house with an average amount of furniture, possessions, junk and rubbish, should take a reputable house clearance company from 8 to 16 hours (or maybe a full day) using a minimum of two or three house clearance experts.

How Much Does the House Clearance Cost?

This brings us to the question that excites everyone the most. House clearance cost depends on several factors. Density of contents, amount and type of rubbish as well as the amount of time to clear. Keep in mind that the price includes labour, transport, disposal and transfer station fees.

Мost companies charge by cubic yard, which is about the size of two dishwashers or a domestic fridge freezer. But for heavy waste, such as rubble, bricks and soil, they may charge by weight rather than volume. If you face troubles calculating the weight or volume of your waste you can call for а quote. Some companies` websites allow file attachments (such as pictures) with the help of which you can receive a more accurate online quote.

Because prices vary depending on the company, your best bet for good price is to get quotes from more than one company.


Here are some useful bullet points you need to know before hiring a house clearance company

  • Маkе а comparison between the price over the phone and the written quote before any work is carried out. In both cases the company should stick to the same price. Only a verbal agreement is not sufficient.
  • Don’t ever pay up front for a house clearance, wait until you have inspected the property and if the job meets your expectations. In some cases the company may require a refundable deposit or small percentage payment up front but never pay the total amount of the service.
  • Help the workmen and advise them of any cupboards, lofts, sheds and cubby holes etc that have lots of contents. This is not your responsibility but it helps to avoid any issues later.
  • In case there are items you don’t want cleared - label them! Put some colourful sticky notes, write something on them or just put them into a dedicated room.
  • Don’t remove or add contents to the property after it has been quoted. If you are going to change the contents let the contractor know so they can adjust the quote.
  • Parking: Let the company know where they can park their vehicle. You can reserve a space by speaking to neighbours or by reserving a spot with your personal car.
  • Keep your sentimental items (such as photos, diaries, jewellery etc.) from the property before the clearance commences.
  • Inform your neighbors that you have a company clearing the house. They may think the property is being robbed, which could cause unnecessary stress and worry.
  • Last but not least think about your HEALTH. If you are performing the house clearance by yourself open plenty of windows and get a dust mask, especially if clearing items from a loft or cellar. Take extra care when lifting heavy items. Bend from the knees, keeping a straight back. If you are carrying something with someone else always discuss how you will lift the item and where you will move it first. If you want to skip the last bullet point dial 020 3404 5556 or get in touch via email with Rubbish Please.

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