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What You Can Do with Your Waste

If, like us, you care about the environment, responsible waste management should feature high on your agenda. And we all know the bywords of a successful campaign – REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE. We’ll continue to stand beside you with our regular news, information and tips.

That being said it’s time to go back over what some might consider old news and others will think it’s a breath of fresh air. But let’s go over the sad news before we go any further. There is still no real safe way to dispose of our rubbish we can only look at ways to reduce the need. And the one way to do that is produce less and dispose of the rest in the best way possible.


Reducing the amount we create, purchase and use is the most important first step. Only by doing this can we save our natural resources, energy, green spaces and reduce pollution. Lots of items end up in the waste stream that shouldn’t be there at all. Manufacturers could have designed a product better, or an item could have been repaired or reused by someone else, in preference to being throw away. Only by changing our habits and trying to convince industry to perform in a more environmentally friendly way can we make a step forward in our fight to save the planet.


The materials that we use, most of them anyway, are produced from natural resources such as trees, oil, gases, metals and minerals. Some of the things manufactured get thrown away after only one use – whichever way you look at it this is a vital waste of our finite resources. By recycling and reusing we can limit the use of the planets resources, keep them out of our landfills and prevent pollution.


As much as 80% of our waste could be recycled but this figure has not yet been reached. The processes involved in recycling still use energy but it is much less than producing something from scratch. Nearly every local authority in the UK now has a recycling service available for residential and business customers so it’s vital we all get on board and make the best use of it.


If you’re a gardener the food you throw away is a vital ingredient for creating your very own pile of compostable material that can be dug back into your garden. And if you’re not green fingered see if there’s a local food waste programme you can join.

Only by participating in your local waste management programme and changing your habits can the future of the planet be secured and inevitably our own survival. We’re right behind the drive to increase levels of recycling and can offer you a sound way to dispose of your junk.

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