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Water Saving Week 2015 – Do You Dare to Accept the Challenge

Water Saving Week 2015Next week is the national Water Saving Week, an initiative started by Waterwise, to raise the awareness about why do we need to save water and how can we do it. The event kicks off on March 22 and will continue exactly one week until March 28, as each day of Water Saving Week is dedicated to a specific theme related to water use or benefit of water efficiency.


Water Saving Week’s Schedule

Below you can find the daily challenges that Waterwise inviting you to participate in.

Sunday – Sustainable Development

Challenge No.1: Drink water from the tap, not bottled water.

It takes up to 5 litres of water to produce one litre of bottled water. You can invest in a reusable bottle as UK tap water is one of the best in the world and it is cheap, too – it costs about 1 pound per cubic meter.

Monday – Water and the Environment

Challenge No.2: – Give your voice

Take a few minutes to visit and share what your lakes, rivers, streams, beaches, estuaries and wetlands mean to you. Your words will be sent to the Environment Agency, who really wants to hear your opinion.

Tuesday – Indoor Water Use

Challenge No.3: Knock a minute off your shower

By taking one minute less in the shower for whole year you can save at least 2,500 litres of water. Doing it you will save 6 hours every year, time you can spend with your family.

Wednesday – Outdoor Water Use

Challenge No.4: Get green fingered

More than 21,000 litres a year falls on the roof of the average UK home, you can catch some of it in a water butt and use to for watering your plants.

Thursday – Water and Money

Challenge No.5: Check if it would be cheaper having a water meter installed

It has been proven time after time again – having a water meter saves you money. You can use CCWater’s calculator to find out how to cut on your water usage.

Friday – Water at Work

Challenge No.6: Reuse scrap paper

It takes 10,000 litres of water to produce just one sheet of paper. By simply reusing paper, can minimise the impact on the environment.

Saturday – Water in your Community

Challenge No.7 – Get exploring

Navigate to to discover your local water sources. You can also find opportunities to get involved in activities. As it is Saturday, how about you visit the nearest river or lake and tweet a picture using #watersavingweek.

Water Saving Week is all about to encourage ourselves to get involved in water efficiency in one way or another. We at Rubbish Please love the water and hate being wasted for nothing, so join us in the Water Saving Week, and expect some interesting facts and tips about water usage next week, on our blog.

If you want to participate or just to learn more about the event, you can check the tweets of @waterwise or search #watersavingweek.

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