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Bicycle Recycling Gets a New Twist in Brixton

Innovative recycling ideas now make the headlines in today’s environmentally conscious world. It would once have been considered cooky but residents in Brixton have an exciting new venture called Cycooldelic. Revolution that has opened its doors in Brixton Road. Describing... Continue reading

Denmark’s Journey from Incineration to Zero-Waste

Denmark flag It won’t be Easy but the Road Does Have its Travellers You’re probably wondering why Denmark would need to make any changes. They’re widely thought to be one of Europe’s, even the world’s, greenest countries, so what is there to... Continue reading

A New App to Encourage a More Sustainable Way of Life

sustainable transport Traditional marketing and advertising methods no longer work for the latest generation of consumers.   Modern companies are waking up to the fact that those in society born after the 1990’s are inexorably linked to their IT devices. The most... Continue reading

Drink Your Coffee, Green Your Cup

recyclable coffee cup A Fully Recyclable Coffee Cup to Solve UK’s Waste Reduce Problems In the cult classic television hit Twin Peaks, Special Agent Dale Cooper shares an important life lesson: “Once a day, every day, get yourself a present. Don’t wait for... Continue reading

UK Council’s Rubbish Crisis

rubbish prohibited sign As of Wednesday July 2nd, 2014 the EU has unveiled a new plan to see 70% of municipal rubbish and 80% of packaging recycled by 2030. An ambitious plan with several disparate ends to consider. This is said to be... Continue reading

Places to Report Problems with Litter

problematic litter Litter, an ugly little word that can create a big, ugly problem. No one likes litter. Most pitch in to ensure our streets, neighborhoods, and country are as tidy as can be. Sadly, there are those who don’t do their... Continue reading

Tesco Acts Against UK’s Food Waste

food waste A recent study by Tesco and the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) revealed the food waste for the 25 most popular supermarket foods is over the top. The retail colossus gave out the info that 28,500 tonnes of food... Continue reading