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The 5 Green Technology Inventions To Look for in 2017

The 5 Green Technologies to Look for in 2017 The world is looking frantically for green technologies to make our lives more sustainable. From an integrated control system for your home to smart clothes, modular smartphones, edible plates and sea bins that collect the rubbish of the sea, the... Continue reading

Microbeads Products – You Better Skip Bying Them

microbeads products What is Microbeads Products Microbeads are microscopic plastic pieces with any form and are vastly used in the production of cosmetics – primarily for exfoliants and toothpaste. Polyethylene is the most common chemical material of which microbead products are made of.... Continue reading

The Villains Behind Cigarette Butts Litter

A pile of cigarette butts. What association do cigarette butts invoke in your mind? Is it a steaming pile nesting in an ashtray or an endless curbside litter mat? In any case, you have surely noticed those pesky filters here, there and everywhere. Beaches, city... Continue reading

Adidas Will Make Sneakers From Ocean Waste

Adidas attempts to create sneakers from ocean waste. Ocean waste is becoming a growing concern as each passing year brings about tonnes of new waste, killing hundreds of thousands sea birds and mammals. Marine ecology is heavily under siege from careless end consumers and heavy-weight manufacturing facilities alike.... Continue reading

French Lawmaker Wants Supermarkets to Donate Unsold Food

Food Market Here at Rubbish Please, we talk about recycling fairly often. Plastic, paper, glass bottles, even wine corks and dirty diapers can find new use after their life expires. However, there is one product that makes our landfills overflow but we... Continue reading

Recycling Could be Made ‘more difficult’ in Islington

islington village sign Recycling could be made ‘more difficult’ as Islington residents face a long walk to get rid of green waste Government funding cuts are hitting hard right across the UK but nowhere is this more apparent than the Borough of Islington.... Continue reading

New Waste Regulations in England for 2015

2015 England Waste Regulations 2015 is now well under way and new waste regulations mean there must be a “separate collection” of paper, plastic, metals and glass for recycling. These changes have been introduced to reduce contamination and increase the quality of recycled materials.... Continue reading

Luton Authorities Stop Garden Waste Collection This Winter

Garden waste collection in winter We’ve recently been reading the local papers here at Rubbish Please and have spotted a bit of bad news for any residents in Luton, currently taking advantage of the local authorities garden waste collection. The big wigs on the council... Continue reading

UK’s Waste Problems Continue: The “Bin Police”

Bin Police in Aberdeen Aberdeen Authorities Resort to Special Measures to Solve Junk Collection Issues Local council officials have decided to call for reinforcements in their bid to reduce the amount of waste in the city of Aberdeen. Households across the city, who want... Continue reading

Chiswick’s Waste Collection Issues

New Rubbish Collection Changes Don’t Always Run as Smoothly as They Should While we like to hear stories of success we’re always on the lookout for tales where things have not really gone according to plan. Many lessons can be... Continue reading