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Roles And Responsibilities Of Waste Management In England and Wales

british flag As most of you probably know, there are three major waste management authorities in England and Wales. You have the Environmental Agency, that plays the role of regulator. Waste Collection Authority serve as local authorities. And finally, there’s the Waste... Continue reading

How homeless people save the Earth [Infographic]

Homeless People and Recycling in UK Do you look the other way when you see a homeless person pushing a shopping cart filled with empty plastic and glass bottles and aluminium cans? It’s in our nature to solve a problem by avoiding it. But have you... Continue reading

Wasteful: £15 BILLION of Food is Thrown Away Every Year in Britain

food waste A new research, handled by Love Food Hate Waste, shows more than £15 billion worth of food and drink is tossed out every year. The average British household throws away proximately £572 of produce per year, mostly fresh meat, ready meals and... Continue reading

Recycling: The Facts

recycling sign In this post, I’m going to talk about recycling. We all know we should be doing it, and most of us have a good idea which materials can be recycled – and which can’t. Here at Rubbish Please, we take... Continue reading