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How Do Biomass Heating Systems & Boilers Work

At Rubbish Please Junk Collection, we know how to remove waste professionally. We do house clearances, sweep stuff away from garages, offices, or garden rubbish. But can you use self-generated or bought biomass to power your boiler and heating? We... Continue reading

Dismantling, Demolishing, and Removing Old Garden Sheds Cost You, How Much?

Garden sheds are extremely useful and sturdy as long as they are fixed and taken care of regularly. But if your garden shed is not in great shape anymore and you want to do garden clearance and get rid of... Continue reading

Land Pollution Facts And Statistics

land pollution facts and statistics The following land pollution facts and statistics are supposed to represent the scale of this global issue that is one of the biggest Earth’s problems in 21st century. To make things easier, we have grouped all of the facts about... Continue reading

Municipal Solid Waste Generation by Country (2025 Waste Predictions) [Infographic]

solid waste production by region The World Bank is making prediction for waste levels in the year 2025. The way things are going, the predictions seem fairly accurate, which also makes them quite disturbing. This should serve as a wake up call to us all.... Continue reading

UK Food Waste: Collection and Disposal Options

food waste Food waste The best thing to do with waste is not to produce it. Unfortunately many organisations generate unavoidable wastes, including food waste. This note looks at the options for the collection of food wastes in order to reduce environmental... Continue reading

Plastic Ocean Waste on the Rise

A recent study has shown that the problem of plastic waste ending up in the ocean is far worse than previously thought. The figures have come about following new calculations made that measure how much waste flows into the oceans... Continue reading

Could the UK Face EU Recycling Fines for Using less Paper

Recycling Paper Annual targets for recycling are constantly changing but it appears that household recycling has barely changed in recent years. Last year there was little change from 2012 and experts say that it’s due in part to the fact that consumers... Continue reading

10 Surprising Rubbish Facts

Rubbish Facts For something as commonplace as rubbish, it’s amazing how little we know about what we throw away. It’s just rubbish, right? Out of sight and out of mind, yeah? Properly disposing of your rubbish is a great place to begin,... Continue reading

10 Fantastic Recycling Facts

Recycling Facts Fantastic is not a word we simply bandy about. We don’t mean fantastic in the casual sense, we mean fantastic in the classic sense. Like the spectacle of an newly unveiled work of art, or a comet streaking across the... Continue reading

From Waste to Resource ­- The Power of Plastic

Plastic is so common, around us at all times and in almost every man made good, sometimes we lose sight of how marvelous it really is. A petroleum based product, plastics transformed every single industry you could imagine. As lightweight... Continue reading