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UK’s Waste Problems Continue: The “Bin Police”

Aberdeen Authorities Resort to Special Measures to Solve Junk Collection Issues

Local council officials have decided to call for reinforcements in their bid to reduce the amount of waste in the city of Aberdeen. Households across the city, who want to have an extra waste collection bin, will receive a visit from the local “bin police”. They’ll knock on the door the day before waste is due to be collected, to ensure recycling guidelines are being followed and to offer helpful advice.

Some might think that it’s just further evidence of our current “nanny state” but here at Rubbish Please we’re sure it’s a good sign that waste collection issues are being taken seriously and help is being given to those who need it most.

Does Aberdeen Really Needs “Bin Police”?

The Scottish government’s ambition is to reduce the level of waste that ends up in landfill to 5% by 2025. And all local authorities are behind this goal and doing what they can to reach that magic figure. Part of the plan has been to reduce bin sizes by one quarter in the hope that it’ll encourage people to recycle more. There will still be exceptions, such as households where there are two or more children.

One member of a council committee stated they don’t want to be thought of as the city’s rubbish Gestapo. On the contrary. They want to work in partnership with residents and in co-operation, to help find more eco-friendly ways to dispose of all our rubbish. We all need a little help from time to time and that means right across the board.

Rubbish Collection Police – a Step too far?

A report has warned council officials that this move may be considered one step too far. And lead to some negative publicity for the new recycling assessments. It has been acknowledged that a visit may not be welcomed with open arms by some residents but it’s felt that this downside will be worth it if it leads to greater recycling rates and far less ending up in a big hole.

On the whole the Scottish public, and indeed the whole of the UK, are behind the need for better and more efficient waste management. And we’re going to have to agree. We can all do our bit, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem, and look forward to enjoying our beautiful planet for many generations to come.

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