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Tire Disposal: Where the Rubber Meets the Reuse

The wheel is a marvel of human ingenuity, and the tire is no slouch either. We all own tires; a couple on a bike, four on a car, or maybe a half dozen plus if you drive a massive lorry. Tires are abundant, and we’ll go through several pair in our lives, so why don’t we know what to do with this resource? We know what to do with aluminum cans, old television sets, and used clothing, so what about tires? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers, and the abundance of tire puns to prove it.

Dead Tired – No matter how sturdy the steel belted radials, eventually a tire goes kaput. In this case, if you feel you have no other options, the tires must be disposed of properly. Where your instincts may be to take the tires to the dump, consider taking them to a tire shop first. Tire shops specialize in tires and may be able to have the tire properly recycled. There are also some cities that have a center specifically designated for recycling tires. Made mostly of rubber and steel, tires are made of plenty of renewable resources.

Re-Tire-ment – If a scenario arises where you need to rid yourself of slightly used tires, say you’re getting new tires or have changed tire size, there are some helpful and perhaps lucrative options. You can certainly make a charitable donation of slightly used tires. Whether you know someone personally or take the tires to an organization willing to pass them on to someone in need, they will find a good home. If you’re more business minded and in no rush you can try to sell the tires to a tire shop. You won’t get a great rate of return, but you may be able to arrange a trade, make a little money, and provide some low cost, gently used tires to other consumers.


Re-Tread – Old tires are very easy to up-cycle. You can hang a tire from a tree limb creating a bucolic tire swing for the kids. Tires can also be refashioned as interesting planters in the garden. Have a dock letting into a lake? Old tires make great bumpers to keep boats from slamming into the dock as well as the other way round. And, if you’re especially crafty, you can get some leather scraps and make tres chic tire-soled sandals and sell them for a mint.

If all of the above simply won’t work, call Rubbish Please. Through sheer force of “wheel” Rubbish Please can rid you of those “tire-some” things and ensure your rubber gets it’s chance in the “rotation” of reuse, reduce, and recycle.

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