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Time to Rethink How Companies Use Resources

Many Modern Businesses are Finding New Ways to save our Resources by Repurposing Waste

Modern consumers have become very aware of the impact they have on their environment and the planets resources and a large majority now take care and put effort into recycling, using as little packaging as possible and not being tempted to buy drinks in disposable bottles and single use plastic bags. And now many companies are also showing their concern for the future of our planet and developing innovative new ways to use what we throw away. Here at Rubbish Please we thought we’d bring some of these ideas to you, to further encourage eco-friendly and waste reducing practices.

Another use for disposable nappies

Parents who use disposable nappies know how much waste they create but it’s probably more than you actually think. An average baby will use more than 150kg of wood as well as waste a lot of other resources. Some clever people in Scotland decided to make use of this valuable waste and pioneered a nappies-to-roof tiles scheme. In Scotland alone 450,000 used nappies are disposed of on a daily basis. Used nappies are collected in recycling bins and sent to treatment centres where they’re sterilised and the human waste removed. Nappies contain plastic and celluloid which is converted into more useful products such as park benches, road signs and railway sleepers.

In Mexico, Procter and Gamble turn used Charmin nappies into roof tiles. Their American branch use scraps of their nappies for upholstery filling and the company is proud that more than 50 of its plants have no manufacturing waste.

A Piece of Paper That’s Makes Fruit and Veg Last Longer

How many of our blog followers find themselves throwing fruit and veg away because it hasn’t lasted as long as it should. We’re encouraged to buy in bulk because it’s often cheaper but this is actually a false economy as some of it gets thrown away when the items have gone past their best. An American company has come up with something called FreshPaper. These sheets of paper keep your fruit and veg fresher for 2-4 times longer due to an infusion of organic spices. One sheet placed in your fridge drawer will stay active for up to one month. This simple sheet of paper looks set to reduce the tonnes of food waste.

These are just a couple of examples we’ve been able to find of a new and exciting aspect of waste management called the circular economy. New clothes from old clothes and recycled plastic bottles, restaurants powered by their own food-waste, wood panels from agricultural waste and roof tiles from nappies. Innovation is the name of the game and we’re looking forward to finding more examples to surprise and excite you about reusing waste.

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