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Rubbish That Can Damage Your Garden


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Who has more renowned gardens than England? There are not just English gardens, but English maze gardens. It’s a long standing tradition and an integral piece of the culture. Whether you’re in a flat or in a house or on a farm, the odds are very high you have a garden of some variety or another. With all the care taken to protect our gardens, there is one culprit you might not think of. Sure, the folks at Pest Exterminators have eliminated the creepy crawlies, but there is an invisible threat to the garden; your household rubbish.

Chemical Warfare

There are any number of household chemicals we use in any given month, and just as many we throw away. Whether it’s paint or motor oil or house cleaning supplies, there are inherent risks if these items aren’t disposed of properly. Not only could you cause an explosion by throwing contents under pressure into the bin, or poison an innocent creature surviving off what’s in the dump, there is no threat worse than pollution. Improperly disposed of chemicals can pollute the groundwater, the soil, and the air, making it almost impossible to grow plants in those areas again. In this case, you might want to buy a new grow tent to act as an indoor environment for your plants. If you know how to grow a garden without the above three ingredients, please share.

Wild Animal Buffet

Animals love to eat and our bins are like a feral creature’s paradise, that is, until they find the garden. If you’re not properly disposing of your food stuffs, organics, meats, and containers that held consumables, you’re practically advertising to the raccoon, fox, and rabbit populations in the area. Oh, you live in the city? They hardly care. If you invite them by improperly disposing of your food waste, not only will they leave a trail of garbage about, they’ll mangle your garden, as well.

Nature’s Gold

Instead of focusing on the negative impact your rubbish can have on your garden, what are the ways your rubbish can help your garden? Compost, compost, compost. If you improperly dispose of your rubbish it can wreck havoc on your garden, but if you do it the right way, you can turn your rubbish into pure, super-powered earth. Composting is extremely easy to do, you can purchase secure compost bins, and when you’ve turned your organic waste into compost, your garden will be the envy of the neighbors. Instead of letting your rubbish wreck your garden, transform it into your garden’s best friend.

Unsure how to tackle your rubbish troubles? The answer is simple, turn to Rubbish Please. They’ll haul away your waste of any shape and size and ensure it goes to the right place. With a little assistance from Rubbish Please you’ll protect the earth, protect your home, and protect your beloved English garden.

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