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Reduce Office Waste, Increase Revenue

No matter the size of your business, if you’re a start up or Coca Cola, you want to increase revenue. Where money isn’t the be all, end all to success, money fuels future endeavors, the lifeblood of a companies viability. Sure, this may be the year of your multi-million dollar idea, but in the meantime, here are some practical ways a business can save money by reducing waste.

Paper Pusher

Office Paper

source: Joel Penner

Paper waste is the number one culprit when it comes to office waste. Paper is bulky to store. If you convert files into digital copies, you can reduce your space and possibly lower your lease cost. Other paper waste reduction options including going paperless by conducting as much business online as possible. Implore employees to only print essential documents, and when something is printed, use double sided printing. This lowers the number of paper orders, reduces postage costs, and helps the environment. All of the above mean more money in your coffers.

See the Light

People seldom remember to turn of the lights at home, much less in the workplace. When the lights are on, when computers run all night, your office is hemorrhaging electricity. This means money. You have a number of tools to aid you in the war on waste. You can put your office lights on sensors. When there is no movement in a room for 10 to 15 minutes, the lights automatically shut off. As for computers, you can mange the settings to send them to sleep mode after 20 minutes of inactivity or less. As for other electronics, you can lead by example and power off equipment come days end.

The Loving Cup

They’re so easy to overlook, but paper and Styrofoam cups are used by the ton in an office. Take the average number of cups used per person and multiply it by the number of employees. Factor in the weeks and months that make up a work year, the cost is staggering. Begin the campaign to end the use of paper cups. Perhaps buy some general use ceramic coffee mugs, invest in some company branded water bottles for your employees, but make the expectations clear: the days of paper cups are over. You’ll save money, help the planet, and build a bit of morale.

No matter what ends you take to reduce office waste, get Rubbish Please on the job. Ensuring your rubbish of all sizes and shapes goes to the right place, Rubbish Please will do the job right. And while they’re at it, make nary a dent in the money you’ve saved by reducing waste.

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