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Recycling Could be Made ‘more difficult’ in Islington

Recycling could be made ‘more difficult’ as Islington residents face a long walk to get rid of green waste

islington village signGovernment funding cuts are hitting hard right across the UK but nowhere is this more apparent than the Borough of Islington. Local councillors are being forced to make tough decisions and no matter what area they decide to make savings there will always be a section of the community that stands to lose out. Islington’s Council recently gave the go ahead to a revamp of the areas kerbside kitchen and garden waste recycling service. The aim being to reduce the number of collection vehicles and agency posts. They want to move away from doorstep collections of kitchen and garden waste and locate bins on streets and parks across the borough.

It’s been agreed that this move will make recycling a little bit more bothersome for many sections of the community, but it’s still early days and following the introduction of pilot schemes in the summer there will be ongoing appraisals. Overhauling the green waste collection is one of many changes that are planned in order allow the council to keep its resident support scheme running. Council finance chief Andy Hull said these moves are planned because the council feels it’s more important to put food on the plates of vulnerable people rather than making it easy to throw away waste food.

Islington’s resident support scheme is used to support some of the areas most disadvantaged residents by offering small grants for household items such as beds and fridges. Every year thousands of people are given a much needed hand through this scheme. Unfortunately the Government has decided to cut funding for the authority’s Local Welfare Fund used to pay for the residents support scheme by 61%. Rather than make things even more difficult for vulnerable residents the council has decided to make serious cuts in other areas. Not an easy decision to make but what else can they do when faced with such a reduction in funding.

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