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Window Glass Recycling Guide

Are you planning to buy new windows for your home? That’s a great decision since new quality windows will create a more comfortable living environment and payback in reduced cooling and heating costs.  Continue reading

7 Movie-Inspired Halloween Costumes Made out of Garbage Cans

R2D2 Made From Garbage Can Wait, what? You read that right! Since, we at Rubbish Please love Halloween and rubbish, combining them makes perfect sense. These clever Halloween costumes were made using plastic and aluminium garbage cans. The final result really deserves your attention, Continue reading

Different Ways to Use Your Old TV

TV Pet Bed Reruns on TV Televisions have changed remarkably over the past decade. What were once boxy behemoths have become sleek and thin vessels of not only television shows, but wifi streaming and HDMI inputs. As the gears of technology keep grinding... Continue reading

Eco-Friendly Christmas: Decorations from Recycled Materials

Christmas Shouldn’t be all About Spending Money – Spare a Thought for the Environment too! It seems that no sooner Bonfire Night and Halloween are out of the way our thoughts quickly drift to Christmas celebrations and the endless round... Continue reading

21 Coolest Kids Toys You Can Make from Recycled Materials Part 2

Kids Crafts Looking for a cheap and original way to make your little ones happy? Then why not make them a toy from recycled materials? Last week, we at Rubbish Please, has published a list of 10 great ideas for recycled DIY... Continue reading

21 Recycled DIY Toys – Part 1

Recycled DIY Toys Summer is right around the corner, and finding one fun thing for the kids is challenging enough, much less a summer’s worth activities. We wracked our brains and came up with the perfect number of DIY projects for the kids:... Continue reading

Old T-Shirt Project Ideas

Tshirt Skirt This week’s we will give you some ideas how to recycle those shirts you never wear into lovely home decor, jewelry, ruffled tops and much more.  Don’t have any?  Hit the thrift stores and garage sales to snatch up shirts... Continue reading

Top 10 recycling plastic bags ideas

plastic bags flowers I don’t know if  you are aware of the fact that we are surrounded by products that are made out of recycled plastic bags. Things like shoes, plastic chairs, pipes, pens and a lot more are made out of reused plastic bags. 854 million plastic bags have... Continue reading