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Window Glass Recycling Guide

Are you planning to buy new windows for your home? That’s a great decision since new quality windows will create a more comfortable living environment and payback in reduced cooling and heating costs.  However, you as a responsible homemaker, now... Continue reading

How to Dispose of Small Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances to dispose Whether your fridge has gone off or you’re looking to get a new kitchen altogether, getting rid of old appliances should be your first concern.  Kitchen appliances are big and bulky, not to mention made of materials that sometimes make... Continue reading

7 Movie-Inspired Halloween Costumes Made out of Garbage Cans

R2D2 Made From Garbage Can Wait, what? You read that right! Since, we at Rubbish Please love Halloween and rubbish, combining them makes perfect sense. These clever Halloween costumes were made using plastic and aluminium garbage cans. The final result really deserves your attention, Continue reading

8 Ways to Reuse Your Empty Drinks Cans

Soda Can Bracelet One of the most recycled beverage containers in the world today is the humble aluminium drinks can. While recycling them is an admirable route to take reusing them is even better for the environment. We often get asked for ideas... Continue reading

How To Treat Water At Home: 10 Top Water Saving Tips

10-top-water-saving-tips Water As a Natural Resource Being one of the busiest rubbish removal companies in London, Rubbish Please sees how many people are wasting the natural resources without even thinking. It’s true that there’s a finite amount of water no matter... Continue reading

Green Your Halloween: Re-Purpose Junk into Decorations

Recycle at Halloween Halloween is just round the corner and for those of you who want to trim up for the occasion we thought we’d share some money saving, recycling ideas. Don’t waste your money on those plastic, tacky decorations in your local... Continue reading

What You Can Do with Your Waste

How to Reduce Waste If, like us, you care about the environment, responsible waste management should feature high on your agenda. And we all know the bywords of a successful campaign – REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE. We’ll continue to stand beside you with our... Continue reading

10 Ways Aluminum Cans Can Be Recycled

Aluminium Cans Recycling Tips One of the most common bits of rubbish at home at work at school and at play is the aluminum can. Whether you are polishing off a frosty brew or quenching your thirst with a can of lemonade, we all... Continue reading

How to Plant Green

green plant How Does Your Green Garden Grow? It makes perfect sense, the earth grows things, you grow things, what could possibly go wrong? Well, as with many endeavors in the modern world, the result may seem natural, but you can still... Continue reading

Recycling Gift for St. Valentine – Paper Hearts

saint valentine's decor Valentine’s Day is a most romantic time of year. Pink and white decorations abound, stuffed bears stare down from the market shelves, and chocolates of every shape and size come in heart shaped boxes. Love is magic, but let’s face... Continue reading