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Giant Sculptures from Scrap Wood

Hector Protector: scrap wood sculture by Thomas Dambo What is a pile of scrap wood for you? Rubbish? Well, for the Danish artist, Thomas Dambo, it’s a great resource for a sculpture, or furniture, or at least some kind of an art project. Thomas, is one of those... Continue reading

The Art of Trash

black-rubbish-bag-pedestal The art of trash are words arranged in a close progression in a way you rarely see them. The impact we have on our environment has become a very crucial issue in recent years, all over the world. The reuse and... Continue reading

Artwork Using Plastic Bags Grabs Several Awards

Artwork "Plastic Grandma" Here at Rubbish Please we’re always on the lookout for exciting ways to use rubbish and waste. We recently came across an idea that has been winning awards in the Philippines. It has been used as part of a campaign... Continue reading

Robots Made from Rubbish

robots made of rubbish They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the same applies to art. What one person considers art will be looked upon as a pile of rubbish by someone else. Take for example many of the contemporary art... Continue reading