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Dismantling, Demolishing, and Removing Old Garden Sheds Cost You, How Much?

Garden sheds are extremely useful and sturdy as long as they are fixed and taken care of regularly. But, if your garden shed is not in great shape anymore and you want to do garden clearance and get rid of... Continue reading

Window Glass Recycling Guide

Are you planning to buy new windows for your home? That’s a great decision since new quality windows will create a more comfortable living environment and payback in reduced cooling and heating costs.  However, you as a responsible homemaker, now... Continue reading

How to Check & Avoid Bed Bugs in Used Furniture Bought or Found as Rubbish.

Used furniture infested with bedbugs In recent years, more and more people turn to small and big charity shops to get some nice and affordable home accessories, clothes and even garden furniture. No matter what you’re looking for, charity shops are full of items, perfectly... Continue reading

Recycling For Money – 50 Things To Reduce And Reuse For Quick Cash

Recycling for money Recycling for money is a strategy that can take you further than you’ve expected. We can do this for the sole purpose of using cash or as a benefit that adds value to your green living philosophy. To encourage people to... Continue reading

Money-Saving Tips for a Hassle-FREE House Clearance

Is your home cluttered with old dusty items? Do you need to make space for new pieces of furniture or modern electrical appliances? Are you becoming more mindful and want to have a minimalist home? It may sound like an... Continue reading

How to Dispose of Small Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances to dispose Whether your fridge has gone off or you’re looking to get a new kitchen altogether, getting rid of old appliances should be your first concern.  Kitchen appliances are big and bulky, not to mention made of materials that sometimes make... Continue reading

UK Waste is Going Up, Going Up, Going Up.

Ways of Dealing With School Waste There are annual waste statistics that must be made for every country and every city. These statistics include the amount of waste recycled, reused, and burned for the businesses and households during the year. Continue reading

How to Recycle or Reuse Your Smartphone or Laptop?

Thumbnail picture of How to recycle or reuse your smartphone of laptop Nowadays, everyone has a laptop and a smartphone nowadays due to the affordable price and the ever-increasing need for connection to the Internet. Moreover, as new software and hardware updates come out more often, the demand for new devices grows every... Continue reading

History of Recycling in London and the United Kingdom

Wonder how recycling and waste management evolved in the UK? Ever wondered where all your garbage/refuse/trash goes after it is collected by the rubbish collectors? In this article we will find out the way London disposes of its waste. The history of recycling in the U.K. The United Kingdom has... Continue reading

How to Recycle at Work Effectively?

Recycle at work training In this article, we will discuss the importance of recycling at your workplace and what steps to follow in order to successfully implement this practice in your company. Why Should You Recycle at Your Workplace? The reasons are many, let’s... Continue reading