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Drink Your Coffee, Green Your Cup

recyclable coffee cup A Fully Recyclable Coffee Cup to Solve UK’s Waste Reduce Problems In the cult classic television hit Twin Peaks, Special Agent Dale Cooper shares an important life lesson: “Once a day, every day, get yourself a present. Don’t wait for... Continue reading

UK Council’s Rubbish Crisis

rubbish prohibited sign As of Wednesday July 2nd, 2014 the EU has unveiled a new plan to see 70% of municipal rubbish and 80% of packaging recycled by 2030. An ambitious plan with several disparate ends to consider. This is said to be... Continue reading

Junk Barrage in the Garage

house garage There are few moments more horrifying than reaching for the door knob that lets out to the garage. Behind the door is a nightmare gallery of junk, old magazines, paint cans, and bags of cement you’ll never use. It’s enough... Continue reading

10 Surprising Rubbish Facts

Rubbish Facts For something as commonplace as rubbish, it’s amazing how little we know about what we throw away. It’s just rubbish, right? Out of sight and out of mind, yeah? Properly disposing of your rubbish is a great place to begin,... Continue reading

Trash, Treasure

rubbish What would you do? You’ve seen the rubbish before, strewn about and forgotten. Bits of plastic, refuse in heaps, cast off personal items, you’ve seen it all before. So what do you do? Continue reading

10 Ways Aluminum Cans Can Be Recycled

Aluminium Cans Recycling Tips One of the most common bits of rubbish at home at work at school and at play is the aluminum can. Whether you are polishing off a frosty brew or quenching your thirst with a can of lemonade, we all... Continue reading

How to Plant Green

green plant How Does Your Green Garden Grow? It makes perfect sense, the earth grows things, you grow things, what could possibly go wrong? Well, as with many endeavors in the modern world, the result may seem natural, but you can still... Continue reading

21 Coolest Kids Toys You Can Make from Recycled Materials Part 2

Kids Crafts Looking for a cheap and original way to make your little ones happy? Then why not make them a toy from recycled materials? Last week, we at Rubbish Please, has published a list of 10 great ideas for recycled DIY... Continue reading

21 Recycled DIY Toys – Part 1

Recycled DIY Toys Summer is right around the corner, and finding one fun thing for the kids is challenging enough, much less a summer’s worth activities. We wracked our brains and came up with the perfect number of DIY projects for the kids:... Continue reading

The 10 Commandments of Recycling

recycling truck Recycling is important. Is it as important as the stone tablets Moses came down from the mountains with centuries ago? Not hardly, but Moses set a precedent that day; people love lists. Ten is a nice even number and sometimes... Continue reading