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Chiswick’s Waste Collection Issues

New Rubbish Collection Changes Don’t Always Run as Smoothly as They Should While we like to hear stories of success we’re always on the lookout for tales where things have not really gone according to plan. Many lessons can be... Continue reading

Green Your Halloween: Re-Purpose Junk into Decorations

Recycle at Halloween Halloween is just round the corner and for those of you who want to trim up for the occasion we thought we’d share some money saving, recycling ideas. Don’t waste your money on those plastic, tacky decorations in your local... Continue reading

The Iconic London Phone Box is Here to Stay Albeit in a Different Colour

phone box When you think of things that remind you of London black taxi cabs and double decker buses immediately spring to mind. But there’s one more things that is very reminiscent of days gone by and that’s the red telephone box,... Continue reading

The New iPhone 6 Creates Recycling Rush

Apple iPhone 6 It appears that the UK smartphone market has almost reached saturation point. This is leading mobile manufacturers and tech developers to look for new markets and their sights are set on developing countries. Smartphone ownership looks likely to increase in... Continue reading

What You Can Do with Your Waste

How to Reduce Waste If, like us, you care about the environment, responsible waste management should feature high on your agenda. And we all know the bywords of a successful campaign – REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE. We’ll continue to stand beside you with our... Continue reading

The Art of Trash

black-rubbish-bag-pedestal The art of trash are words arranged in a close progression in a way you rarely see them. The impact we have on our environment has become a very crucial issue in recent years, all over the world. The reuse and... Continue reading

Artwork Using Plastic Bags Grabs Several Awards

Artwork "Plastic Grandma" Here at Rubbish Please we’re always on the lookout for exciting ways to use rubbish and waste. We recently came across an idea that has been winning awards in the Philippines. It has been used as part of a campaign... Continue reading

Robots Made from Rubbish

robots made of rubbish They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the same applies to art. What one person considers art will be looked upon as a pile of rubbish by someone else. Take for example many of the contemporary art... Continue reading

Bicycle Recycling Gets a New Twist in Brixton

Innovative recycling ideas now make the headlines in today’s environmentally conscious world. It would once have been considered cooky but residents in Brixton have an exciting new venture called Cycooldelic. Revolution that has opened its doors in Brixton Road. Describing... Continue reading

Helpful Advice When Disposing of Old Light Bulbs

Light bulbs have a finite life and when the time comes for their disposal, you may be a little unsure of the best way to proceed. Reduce, reuse and recycle are the bywords of the waste industry today, so how... Continue reading