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Recycled Plastic Roads Are The Future

Plastic roads made from recycled plastic will ultimately improve waste collection. The vast majority of paved roads in the Western world, well over 80% as a matter of fact are made out of asphalt. The choice to select this particular road construction material was made long ago, certainly long before we... Continue reading

9 Surprising Materials That Can Be Recycled

9 Surprising Materials That Can Be Recycled Recyclable Materials Materials that can be recycled include many kinds of glass, paper, metal, plastic, tires, textiles and electronics. You pretty much know what recyclable materials are and how the recycling process goes thanks to our waste management glossary. Now,... Continue reading

How to Organize Your Recycling Storage at Home

How To Organize Your Recycling Storage At Home A Plan, Free Space and Recycle Containers For Home Use Around Rubbish Please, we take recycling very seriously and being eco-friendly is not just part of our job. All these years of experience in the rubbish removal business has thought... Continue reading

Giant Sculptures from Scrap Wood

Hector Protector: scrap wood sculture by Thomas Dambo What is a pile of scrap wood for you? Rubbish? Well, for the Danish artist, Thomas Dambo, it’s a great resource for a sculpture, or furniture, or at least some kind of an art project. Thomas, is one of those... Continue reading

UK Food Waste: Collection and Disposal Options

food waste Food waste The best thing to do with waste is not to produce it. Unfortunately many organisations generate unavoidable wastes, including food waste. This note looks at the options for the collection of food wastes in order to reduce environmental... Continue reading

French Lawmaker Wants Supermarkets to Donate Unsold Food

Food Market Here at Rubbish Please, we talk about recycling fairly often. Plastic, paper, glass bottles, even wine corks and dirty diapers can find new use after their life expires. However, there is one product that makes our landfills overflow but we... Continue reading

Furniture Made From Tequila Waste

Tequila agave By combining recycled plastic and waste from the tequila industry a Mexican company has created a new building material that’s very similar to wood. Chemical engineering has been used to create a material said to be less expensive and much... Continue reading

8 Ways to Reuse Your Empty Drinks Cans

Soda Can Bracelet One of the most recycled beverage containers in the world today is the humble aluminium drinks can. While recycling them is an admirable route to take reusing them is even better for the environment. We often get asked for ideas... Continue reading

How Packaging Helps Waste Less Food

Modern packaging helps food stay fresher for longer – both while it’s sat on the shelf at the supermarket, and when you get it home. Think about what happens with a large majority of your food, and you’ll realise that... Continue reading

Reduce Your Waste With Homemade Chocolate Easter Eggs

Homemade Chocolate Easter Egg Can you guess how many chocolate eggs are sold in the UK each year? 90 million eggs—that crazy amount of chocolate sweetness creates up to 3,000 tonnes of extra accumulated waste annually. While the manufactures have succeeded in reducing the... Continue reading