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Roles And Responsibilities Of Waste Management In England and Wales

british flag As most of you probably know, there are three major waste management authorities in England and Wales. You have the Environmental Agency, that plays the role of regulator. Waste Collection Authority serve as local authorities. And finally, there’s the Waste... Continue reading

Recycling In Colour

recycling in colour As we get better at recycling, the process get more involved. Not more complex, but there are more options to recycle the right way. In the beginning, one could simply separate their bottles and cans from the regular rubbish, put... Continue reading

Better Prices and Offers with Rubbish Please’s New Website

Rubbish Please logo The London waste removal company Rubbish Please will now be giving its customers easier access to special deals through its newly designed website. Continue reading

4 Reasons Why Not to Leave Rubbish Around

rubbish Rubbish, Rubbish Everywhere We all need a practical reminder from time to time. Whether it’s the importance of flossing our teeth or not drinking too much caffeine or eating our veggies, everyone needs a nudge every now and again. So... Continue reading

4 Ways to Reuse Jars and Bottles

reused jars Bottles and Cans and Just Clap Your Hands Continue reading

How to Organise Waste in Your Kitchen

kitchen waste Many things go on in the kitchen. Food is stored, tea is made, meals are prepared, and an enormous number of specialised items are designed just for the kitchen. The kitchen is a special place with a very special function,... Continue reading

Giving the Gift of Green – What to Buy to an Eco Friend

plant gift We all have friends, and we all have different types of friends. There is the quiet type and the loud one. There is the workaholic and the…ahem…underachiever. There is the mate who is mad for sport, and the mate who... Continue reading

How homeless people save the Earth [Infographic]

Homeless People and Recycling in UK Do you look the other way when you see a homeless person pushing a shopping cart filled with empty plastic and glass bottles and aluminium cans? It’s in our nature to solve a problem by avoiding it. But have you... Continue reading

5 Items You Can Use To Make Recycled Christmas Decoration

recycled Christmas decorations The holiday season is a time to reflect on our riches. They come in the form of friends, family, and happiness, but the gifts aren’t bad either. Though, along with these treasures, there is a cost to Christmas. Between presents,... Continue reading

The Hazards of Household Waste

household waste You do all the right things to ensure the hazardous materials around your house are safely stored. You keep the bleach out of reach, you keep the pesticides under lock and key, you even go the extra mile and keep... Continue reading