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How to Organize Waste in Your Kitchen

kitchen waste Many things go on in the kitchen. Food is stored, tea is made, meals are prepared, and an enormous number of specialized items are designed just for the kitchen. The kitchen is a special place with a very special function,... Continue reading

Giving the Gift of Green – What to Buy to an Eco Friend

plant gift We all have friends, and we all have different types of friends. There is the quiet type and the loud one. There is the workaholic and the…ahem…underachiever. There is the mate who is mad for sport, and the mate who... Continue reading

How homeless people save the Earth [Infographic]

Homeless People and Recycling in UK Do you look the other way when you see a homeless person pushing a shopping cart filled with empty plastic and glass bottles and aluminium cans? It’s in our nature to solve a problem by avoiding it. But have you... Continue reading

5 Items You Can Use To Make Recycled Christmas Decoration

recycled Christmas decorations The holiday season is a time to reflect on our riches. They come in the form of friends, family, and happiness, but the gifts aren’t bad either. Though, along with these treasures, there is a cost to Christmas. Between presents,... Continue reading

The Hazards of Household Waste

household waste You do all the right things to ensure the hazardous materials around your house are safely stored. You keep the bleach out of reach, you keep the pesticides under lock and key, you even go the extra mile and keep... Continue reading

Places to Report Problems with Litter

problematic litter Litter, an ugly little word that can create a big, ugly problem. No one likes litter. Most pitch in to ensure our streets, neighborhoods, and country are as tidy as can be. Sadly, there are those who don’t do their... Continue reading

Top 3 Safest Ways to Store Household Waste

We’ve all been told waste not want not, but let’s face it, there is some waste you don’t want. Rubbish can not only be a bit cumbersome, but it can attract pests as well as pose hazards to you and... Continue reading

Benefits of Recycling

Why should I recycle? It’s an all too common question, but the answers may surprise you. Recycling is no longer for, “green fanatics,” but an easy and necessary way to contribute to the planet. It may be hard to see... Continue reading

Top 10 recycling plastic bags ideas

plastic bags flowers I don’t know if  you are aware of the fact that we are surrounded by products that are made out of recycled plastic bags. Things like shoes, plastic chairs, pipes, pens and a lot more are made out of reused plastic bags. 854 million plastic bags have... Continue reading

Wasteful: £15 BILLION of Food is Thrown Away Every Year in Britain

food waste A new research, handled by Love Food Hate Waste, shows more than £15 billion worth of food and drink is tossed out every year. The average British household throws away proximately £572 of produce per year, mostly fresh meat, ready meals and... Continue reading