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Reuse, Reduce, Recharge: How to Recycle Batteries

Batteries Recycling Even though things seem to have less wires than ever, we still have a battery obsession. Our cell phones and video game controllers and wireless keyboards all require batteries. The technology we have these days allows batteries to run longer... Continue reading

From Waste to Resource ­- The Power of Plastic

Plastic is so common, around us at all times and in almost every man made good, sometimes we lose sight of how marvelous it really is. A petroleum based product, plastics transformed every single industry you could imagine. As lightweight... Continue reading

Reduce Office Waste, Increase Revenue

waste reducing light bulb No matter the size of your business, if you’re a start up or Coca Cola, you want to increase revenue. Where money isn’t the be all, end all to success, money fuels future endeavors, the lifeblood of a companies viability.... Continue reading

Feng Shui Your Clutter Away

feng shui compass Feng Shui may be unfamiliar, but this practice is time tested. Feng Shui is simply using the flow and energy of your house the best way possible. Nothing too complicated, feng shui is applicable to jobs both big and small.... Continue reading

Tire Disposal: Where the Rubber Meets the Reuse

reused, recycled tire The wheel is a marvel of human ingenuity, and the tire is no slouch either. We all own tires; a couple on a bike, four on a car, or maybe a half dozen plus if you drive a massive lorry.... Continue reading

5 Tips to Save Energy

save energy tips Making an effort to save energy has many benefits. When you make a point to save energy in your home, you are part of a larger effort to not only preserve our natural resources and keep the cost of utilities... Continue reading

Old T-Shirt Project Ideas

Tshirt Skirt This week’s we will give you some ideas how to recycle those shirts you never wear into lovely home decor, jewelry, ruffled tops and much more.  Don’t have any?  Hit the thrift stores and garage sales to snatch up shirts... Continue reading

Fantastic Services take part in “The Work & Family Show”

The work and family show Definitely seeking Rubbish Please at this years The Work & Family Show Continue reading

Recycling Gift for St. Valentine – Paper Hearts

saint valentine's decor Valentine’s Day is a most romantic time of year. Pink and white decorations abound, stuffed bears stare down from the market shelves, and chocolates of every shape and size come in heart shaped boxes. Love is magic, but let’s face... Continue reading

Rubbish That Can Damage Your Garden

garden Who has more renowned gardens than England? There are not just English gardens, but English maze gardens. It’s a long standing tradition and an integral piece of the culture. Whether you’re in a flat or in a house or on... Continue reading