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How to Organise Waste in Your Kitchen

Many things go on in the kitchen. Food is stored, tea is made, meals are prepared, and an enormous number of specialised items are designed just for the kitchen. The kitchen is a special place with a very special function, and as such, the kitchen yields an equivalent amount of waste. With a few simple techniques you can reorganise, repurpose, and reuse your kitchen waste in order to benefit your home and community alike.

The average kitchen produces one significant type of waste that doesn’t have to be waste at all: organic waste. These items, egg shells, apple cores, etcetera, are nature’s gold, but as with all gold, there is a refining process involved.

For organic waste this refinement is called composting.

Composting is an easy way to break down organic material into the finest nutrient rich fertiliser. No matter if you’re in the country or city, you too can compost. In the kitchen, simply set aside your organic waste in a small container in the freezer or take it out to the compost bin after each meal.

A simple trick with great benefits and a huge money saver come planting season, not only do you take rubbish out of the landfill, but you turn your waste into gardening gold.

Outside of adding a compost bin to your freezer, the next best step is to add two other bins to your kitchen waste removal plan, a rubbish bin and a recycling bin.

The list of recyclables is much wider than many think. This list includes a vast number of paper products like egg cartons, greeting cards, magazines, paperboard boxes; several plastic products like bottles and bags; glass products like bottles; and you can even include clean aluminum products like aluminum foil and pie pans. Note that recycling window glass is specific.

Quite a list, isn’t it?

You’re regular rubbish bin may get lonely, but that is the whole point. The less we put in landfills, the more we reuse, the happier the earth will be, and so much of the effort begins in the kitchen.

If a scenario arises where you’re doing your best but you find yourself overwhelmed by waste, kitchen or otherwise like disposing of small appliances, ring the pros at Rubbish Please. Your individual effort is heroic, but we all need help sometimes. Rubbish Please can come in, clean you out wholesale, and dispose of your waste in the most responsible way possible. Three bins, one kitchen, and the occasional assistance from the best, and you’ll put a whole new type of green in your salads, tea, and wallet alike.

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