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A New App to Encourage a More Sustainable Way of Life

Traditional marketing and advertising methods no longer work for the latest generation of consumers.


Modern companies are waking up to the fact that those in society born after the 1990’s are inexorably linked to their IT devices. The most effective way to reach this audience is to use the internet and more specifically apps and life changing games.

By using eco-gamification tools, downloadable to a smartphone or tablet, these young consumers can be encouraged to look at the way they currently lead their lives and be directed into more eco-friendly pastimes and behaviours.

But influencing consumers is not the only way they can be used. Employers are also looking to gamification to increase productivity and changing working habits. These tools are interactive, challenging and novel ways to engage an audience in a meaningful and long-lasting way.

Gaming has already had a substantial impact on the health and fitness, medical research and financial sectors and it’s time for the sustainability industry to get in on the act. A recent app launched by Eco Action Games has taken the traditional style top trump game and given it a 21st century twist. It’s now digital rather than hand held cards and has some exciting extra features. Like most new games or apps it is extremely easy to get hooked on playing and a fun way to pass the time.

Players get the opportunity to analyse their current life style and are introduced to eco-friendly ways they can save money. Once you’ve set up your profile and created your own avator you can take on other online opponents in an eco-duel.

The company wants to keep this application free for all users because it believes this is the most effective way to go. New themes will include water and energy saving, waste and recycling, office related exercises and eco-parent themed games.

Many UK companies have used gamification techniques to encourage staff in more eco-friendly endeavours. One well known utility company was recently able to save more than £40,000 and 66 tonnnes of carbon emissions with an online eco app.

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