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Junk Barrage in the Garage

There are few moments more horrifying than reaching for the door knob that lets out to the garage. Behind the door is a nightmare gallery of junk, old magazines, paint cans, and bags of cement you’ll never use. It’s enough to give one chills. Trust us, we’re practically describing our own garages. Where avoiding it is easy, today is the day! Put on some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, and tackle the junk barrage in the garage!


How did we ever fit a car in here? It’s too late to fret about that now, but the car is among the things you’ll want to keep. It’s a slippery slope, but there are undoubtedly good, useful things among the junk, some items long forgotten. We can’t tell you what to keep, but we do encourage you to be careful. Where it’s easy to get into a frenzy and pitch everything in the bin, exercise some caution. You’ll likely find family keepsakes, some interesting tchotchkes, and innumerable tools, cleaning supplies, and cans of paint. These are all items worth keeping, the real challenge is diligently sorting through everything.


Ahhh, nothing quite as exciting as a garden sale. Earn a bit of money, lighten your load, and learn things about your neighbors. There is no more telling moment than when a person discovers whatever trinket you’re happy to discard and it is their sough after treasure. Of course you’ll have to find the items that will sell, but you’d be surprised by what works. That old box of kids’ toys? Perfect. Some old tools you don’t need? Ideal. Old books, and even to some collectors, old newspapers? Sold! Also, don’t hesitate to let some interested buyers poke around the garage. It’s the space you’re looking to clear anyway, and you never know what they’ll find.


Of course we only mean ‘toss’ in a purely euphemistic way. We do not encourage you to toss your unwanted junk anywhere but where it belongs. Lots of things are going to be recyclable, others are fit for the bin, but some things require special attention. Any chemicals, paint, fertilizer, motor oil, or car batteries require special disposal. You can usually find business capable of disposing of these with little research. If you’re unsure which is which, reach out to a reliable disposal professional like Rubbish Please. No matter which company you choose, if they’re reputable, they’ll be able to haul away your junk and see that it is recycled or disposed of in the proper way.

See, it’s not so bad! So grab that door knob with confidence and dejunk the garage!

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