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How to Recycle with Style in your Garden

You can save a handsome amount of cash by recycling your items and belongings in an innovative manner. Most of us prefer to throw things which we don’t use away, but in the present times, this isn’t necessarily the smartest thing to do. Economic conditions are changing like mad across the world, so it’s usually best to keep hold of everything – you never know when they might prove useful. Instead of buying a new plant pot for £10 or £20, why not make use of an old tire by filling it with soil? This post focuses on seven easily available things that can be used to style your garden.

It’s time you started thinking about saving the earth as well as your money by recycling common household items and making the most out of them. Whether it be milk jugs, old tires, liquor bottles, soda cans or anything else, all of them can come to serve an endless number of purposes…

Milk Bottles

Plastic milk bottles have a limitless number of uses in your garden. You can simply cut off the tops and then use them as planters for large and small plants. Or you could cut off the bottoms in order to make your own miniature greenhouses to place over plants, especially at times when you feel there is a danger of frost. You can even cut plastic milk bottles to make labels for the various plant species inside your garden.

Old Tires
You will be able to use old tires for the purpose of making raised beds for any form of vegetable gardening. For those plants which demand deeper soil, like carrots, it is best to stack two or more tires on top of each other. Furthermore, tires also happen to be great for growing your own potatoes – simply stack more tires. The process makes it really easy to harvest all of the potato plants in the autumn too, as the potatoes are going to be in the tires and not inside the ground. All you need to do is remove the tires to reach the potatoes!

Tote Bags

Don’t throw away your tote bag or box. You can make use of it in your garden in several different ways. Tote bags and cheap shopping bags come in handy for the purpose of hanging planters in order to make the best use of wall space. This strategy is best suited for those who don’t have a lot free space. You can also fill these bags with varying amounts of potting soil and then hang them using the wall or the fence. Since these materials and items hold a great deal of soil, they can also be used for planting larger plants and herbs.

Cement Blocks

Discarded cement blocks can be brought to use for building raised beds, for creating an attractive vertical garden, or for the purpose of keeping your compost intact and contained. You can get your hands on new blocks for prices as low as £1, or if you prefer, go to websites like Craigslist and you will commonly find these blocks for free.


You might come across any number of people who give their old bricks away for nothing. These bricks will definitely come in handy for creating boundaries and borders around the plants in your garden. In addition, you can also use them for creating paved paths across the various regions of your garden.

All in all, it’s recommended that you make use of your imagination when trying to figure out how to recycle all of the used items in your household in all possible ways. Don’t worry, people are more likely to be impressed than think that you’re cheap!


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