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How to Organize Your Recycling Storage at Home

A Plan, Free Space and Recycle Containers For Home Use

How To Organize Your Recycling Storage At Home

Around Rubbish Please, we take recycling very seriously and being eco-friendly is not just part of our job. All these years of experience in the rubbish removal business has thought us that speaking about recycling is one thing, but doing it is a whole new planet you have to discover!

We agree that organizing your recycling storage at home full with reusable waste materials is not the easiest endeavour to take, but if you have always wanted to live in a more environmentally-friendly way and you don’t find it easy to limit the amount of packed food that you consume, or you still keep forgetting your eco fabric shopping bag and come home from the grocery store with a bunch of plastic ones, then you need to start recycling.

Recycling is one of the easiest alternatives that the local government offers you in order to encourage you to live a green life. Living green now, will provide better living conditions for our children later, so you should definitely get more involved in the cause!

Must-Known Recycling Storage Solutions


Before learning how to organize your recycling center at home there are three very important factors  that will influence on the way you will organize your home recycling storage.

  • Check with your local authorities for any recycling restrictions and requirements. Some regions do not recycle materials which will be collected in other, and vice versa.
  • Be aware of how much space do you have! Of course this depends on the way your home looks like. As an advice we can say that using bins to separate recycling and keeping them in a spot that’s close to where you recycle is one of the best recycling storage solutions.
  • Make recycling easy and accessible for each family member. Don’t give your family a hard time in order to recycle. Keep it simple by putting notable labels at your recycling containers and develop an easy routine for emptying trash and recycling.

How to Organize Your Recycling at Home


In order to make it more simple for you, we have prepared a plan for how to organize your recycling storage at home.

  • Dedicate a spot for your recycling center. It can be everywhere inside the house.  Another idea is to create an outside recycling storage in the backyard.
  • Create your own recycle containers for home use. You can create your own custom home recycling station by choosing a combination of recycling bins selected to fit perfectly into your available space. Ergonomic designs and stylish, durable finishes mean it’s easier to reduce waste and be kinder to the environment.
  • Look for stylish containers made out of sea grass or bamboo. If you can’t think of any creative DIY recycling bin ideas, get some of these, you will no longer have to hide them under your kitchen sink. Remember the recycle bin need to be notably different than the regular trash bin.
  • Find good spots for the recycle bins. The access to these containers need to be easy for the entire family, so you may try to fit them near your kitchen door where most of the household rubbish is produced. There won’t be an eyesore for neither your guests nor your family. On the other hand the shed or the garage are good suggestions for outdoor recycling storage solutions.
  • Consider smaller containers in general. They look better and save plenty of space for more important items. The recyclables that are too big like electronics and old sports, equipment, for example, can be stored in bigger containers, placed in your garage, along with your old donation clothes and toys.
  • Buy taller bins instead of wide ones. There are some really stylish models you can buy in local stores, Most of them even have handles to help you carry the heavy load inside. This is very practical, especially for bins containing glass or metal recyclables.
  • Line your bins to optimize the space you have. Scattering rubbish containers around your home, especially if it is a small townhouse, will create the false sense of having too many of them. Instead, put 2-4 of them next to each other and label them accordingly, so everyone knows how to sort the rubbish even if they are empty.
  • Don’t over decorate your bins. Make sure that all of the containers are in the same colour. If they are decorated in plain natural tones, they will be barely visible and will definitely not create an optical illusion for being too large. Colourful containers, on the other hand, no matter how small they are seem larger to the eye.
  • Set a schedule for your recycle routine. Taking out your recycling every week is preferable.
  • Be proactive and creative. Not everything might be accepted where you live, think ahead and set another schedule for taking the other recyclables to a city-run recycling center.
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