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House Clearance Specialists from the TV Screen You Would Like to Get Help from

Summer is nearly upon us, and it’s the last chance to have that spring clearance we have all been putting off. After the cold winter seasons, every single part in and around the house needs refreshment. Flats and apartments get cluttered at times, just like houses do. It is about time to get rid of old and damaged furniture, to clean those piles with not needed household items from the basement or to open some space by disposing all the junk from the shed.

If you are not in the mood to take all that hassle by yourself, you can hire a house clearance company to deal with it. But if you want to do it alone, at least you would like to get advice from a house clearance specialist. Refer to the following proposals for such specialists who are familiar to you from the big screen. They can give you an inspiration to perform the ultimate house clearance.

The Ultimate House Clearance Specialist – Monica Geller (Courteney Cox) from Friends

Just think about a “neat freak”, who is comically obsessive about the state of her apartment and loves cleaning. A woman who describes the dry cleaner as her Disneyland. This is the personality on Monica Geller. She categorises her towels into 11 sections, with examples being “Everyday use,” “Fancy,” “Guest,” and “Fancy Guest.”

She also labels everything from dishes to photographs. Her boyfriend Chandler was also able to wake her up by announcing that he “probably won’t spill coffee grounds all over the kitchen floor” when going for a cup of coffee.

When her brother Ross tells her that one of his girlfriends has an incredibly messy apartment, Monica tries to clean the messy apartment because she cannot sleep knowing about it.

In one of the episodes from the first season, she tries to act like she was a “kook” and didn’t care about organisation when she left her shoes out in the living room, but stayed up all night wondering if she should go get them.

In another episode it is learned that she has supplies for cleaning cars, when she doesn’t even have a car, because there was a dirty car parked out front of the building. She went ahead and washed it, along with six others.

She is obsessive to the point that she even cleans her cleaning supplies, using a dust buster to remove dirt from a vacuum cleaner and wishing there were an even smaller vacuum to clean the dust buster.

No question there is a more appropriate assistant than Monica, who can help you with organizing the house.

A House Clearance Specialist in spite of himself – Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) from Monk

A House Clearance Specialist in spite of himself

Image source: Wikimedia

What about a person, who suffers from germaphobia. In the Monk TV series the gentle detective Adrian Monk is a “germaphobe”, which is the popular name for people who become obsessed with germs and dirt and feel compelled to act out rituals of washing and cleaning. Real people with this condition include the late Howard Hughes and Saddam Hussein, who reportedly often ordered visitors to strip and wash with antibacterial soap.

Now imagine if you had Mr. Monk by your side to perform the clearance. Everything would be very shiny and no germs would be found in your entire neighbourhood.

The Robotic House Clearance Specialist – Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class) from Wall-E

A robotic House Clearance Specialist

Image souce: Flickr

This is the last robot left on Earth. He spends his days tidying up the planet, one piece of garbage at a time. Because WALL-E has been alone for hundreds of years, he has developed a “glitch”: sentience and a personality and a mind of his own. He has become very curious and he collects anything interesting he can find during his job. Even though he still obediently follows his directive, WALL-E can get distracted, collecting some of the trash rather than compacting it all.

How does Wall-e handles the clearance?

Two powerful hydraulic presses on his back operate his compactor function, compressing trash in his body cavity into neat cubes that can be easily stacked and carted away. His strong, dexterous arms enable him to create stacks of trash blocks hundreds of feet high with incredible precision. Between his eyes is a high-power laser, which he typically uses to cut large pieces of trash into manageable pieces.

Sounds like the perfect help we can get from a cleaning robot!

The Strict House Clearance Specialist – Mammy Two Shoes from Tom and Jerry cartoons

The Strict House Clearance Specialist

Image source: Googglet

She is a heavy-set middle-aged housemaid who takes care of the house in which Tom and Jerry reside. She is also Tom’s owner, and wallops the cat with a broom when he misbehaves; Jerry often tries to sabotage a task Mammy has given Tom or destroy the house and/or its contents, in order to get Tom thrown out of the house.

She is the perfect person to help you deal with the domestic clearance. Be careful because if you mess something up, she’ll get angry really quick and you might have a meeting with the broom instead of Tom.

The Complicated House Clearance Specialist – Bree van De Kamp (Marcia Cross) from Desperate Housewives

The Complicated House Clearance Specialist

Image source: Pinterest

What about a woman who is a perfectionist: well-organised, extremely reserved, scrupulous, almost hypocritically moral and deviously well-versed in her plans.

She is also a gun-owning Republican and church-going Presbyterian – the kind of woman whose tasks of the day would be listed by a person who had only ever heard of her: fundraising, baking, charity cake sales, picking up her son from football practice, preparing dinner, and most of all cleaning, for which she had an compulsion.

It might sound very complicated to do her job, but I doubt there is a woman that doesn’t want to get her life and home extremely organised as Bree!

The Ordinary House Clearance Specialist – Wilma Flintstone from The Flintstones

The Ordinary House Clearance Specialist

Image source: wikiHow

Wilma Flintstone is the perfect homemaker, keeping the house with such prehistoric aids as a baby elephant vacuum cleaner and pelican washing machine. Wilma is also a good cook; one of her specialties is “gravelberry pie”. Wilma also enjoys volunteering for various charitable and women’s organizations in Bedrock, shopping.

Wilma is the housewife whose main occupation is running or managing her family’s home caring for and educating her children, cooking and storing food waste, buying goods the family needs in day-to-day life, cleaning, maintaining and organizing the home, making clothes for the family, etc.—and who is generally not employed outside the home.

Yet, if anything seems too tidy and you think that you don’t need to do a house clearance: the furniture doesn’t need to be replaced, the mattresses are not ready to be disposed yet, the kitchen is shiny and germ free… be careful, because if Jackie Chan shows up and starts fighting you might be in need to look for a brand new house. Consider him as a weird house clearance specialist to get an inspiration from.

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