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Five Examples of Cleverly Recycled Furniture

Recycling different products has become increasingly popular over the past few years. This is due to the growing importance of ensuring easier waste management. Recycling also gives some worth and purpose to things that don’t seem useful anymore, but that you just can’t quite seem to throw away.

Cleverly recycled furniture has also become quite common because people identify and appreciate the uniqueness that comes along with it. The best thing about such furniture is when it’s custom-built to such an extent that it results in great uniqueness and elegance. These seats are a proof that not all furniture is worth disposing

Some examples of cleverly recycled furniture could be:

Shopping Cart Chairs

Shopping carts are used in shopping malls and supermarkets for placing shopping in, but why not place yourself in one? Re-designing a cart into a chair is quite unique in that it requires a certain level of skill to be able to design a chair that is stylish and comfortable at the same time! The result after the recycling is a detailed and well structured seat that’s strong enough to hold the weight of an adult. These chairs can come in different designs which allows great freedom in the choice of design to use.

Sporty Recycled  Furniture

Sports have become an integral part of modern day society. As such, there are numerous ways that have been used to express people’s love and interest in them. One of those ways is now through cleverly designed sporty recycled furniture! One of the best things about this furniture is that it’s quite easy to adopt different designs due to the availability of ideas and equipment.


Crushed Can Furniture

Crushed can furniture pieces and sets are quite simple but have a highly colorful appearance. Commonly, these designs are mainly fit for outdoor use as opposed to indoor use. To highlight the uniqueness of this cleverly designed furniture, it is advisable to use it in rugged environments. Bathroom tubs can also be remodeled and re-designed to become crushed can furniture pieces. These furniture pieces bring about a very unique appearance that complements the overall decoration of the surrounding environment.

Dishwasher Drum Table

A dishwasher drum is the last object that most people would think of using, as far as cleverly recycled furniture designs are concerned. These objects do indeed seem an unlikely choice for recycling, but with great design skills, it’s easy to make a dishwasher drum into one of the most unique-looking tables. Once the drum is transformed completely, its perforations can be used for making different lighting patterns and shapes.

Clothing Container Chairs

Clothing container chairs edge out as the most exclusive pieces of cleverly recycled furniture because a clothing container can be used in so many different designs. This gives you great freedom to choose the best design and furniture to redesign using these containers.

In recycling, simply make sure that you are being as imaginative as possible. This way you’ll create a one-of-a-kind design that is both useful and intriguing.

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