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Feng Shui Your Clutter Away

Feng Shui may be unfamiliar, but this practice is time tested. Feng Shui is simply using the flow and energy of your house the best way possible. Nothing too complicated, feng shui is applicable to jobs both big and small. Your house may have the same old problems day in and day out, but feng shui is a new way to approach them. A new perspective is often all the answer you need, so give it a try, and start small. Clutter is a curse on every house, and with these practical feng shui techniques, you can ease your mind and ease the mess.

Clutter and Feng Shui

Clutter viewed through the lens of feng shui takes on a new meaning.

It is perceived as negative energy weighing you down. Clutter crowds your home, wastes your time, and can be a drain on your life. By the strict definition of feng shui clutter is stale energy made to diminish your standard of living. In more practical terms, if you’re tired of looking at it, if you can’t remember the last time you used it, or if it invokes an unhappy reaction, it has got to go. Sure, your home is clean on the exterior, but part of clutter’s diabolical scheme is to stay hidden in drawers and closets. Be fearless, don’t hesitate to purge, and the clutter will melt away.

Simple Feng Shui Tips Which Will Change Your Home and Life

When you’re ready to clear, the core tenant of feng shui is simple: bring good energy. It may sound a little hippy dippy, but as with anything in life, if you approach it with an effervescence, you’re already one step ahead. Next, ensure you have plenty of light. Not just to see, but to feel the warmth and cleansing power of light. Add some music that embodies these same qualities, put out some flowers, and you’ve unlocked the key. Feng shui is as much method as it is frame of mind. With this correct energy, you can better see the difference between clutter and necessity. Or in this case, the energy you want to be rid of and the energy you want to keep.

From there, rely on the disposal techniques you’d employ for any cleansing. All though these things no longer have a place in your life, separate your recyclables, donations, and garbage. Companies like Rubbish Please can discreetly come by and take your things wholesale. With state of the art techniques and attention to detail, Rubbish Please will ensure your clutter gives something of itself back in a helpful way. Whether it is our home or our mind, clutter has no place in such protected space. The solution begins with attitude and energy, the feng shui way.

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