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Adidas Will Make Sneakers From Ocean Waste

Adidas attempts to create sneakers from ocean waste. Ocean waste is becoming a growing concern as each passing year brings about tonnes of new waste, killing hundreds of thousands sea birds and mammals. Marine ecology is heavily under siege from careless end consumers and heavy-weight manufacturing facilities alike.... Continue reading

Recycled Plastic Roads Are The Future

Plastic roads made from recycled plastic will ultimately improve waste collection. The vast majority of paved roads in the Western world, well over 80% as a matter of fact are made out of asphalt. The choice to select this particular road construction material was made long ago, certainly long before we... Continue reading

Water Saving Week 2015 – Do You Dare to Accept the Challenge

Water Saving Week 2015 Next week is the national Water Saving Week, an initiative started by Waterwise, to raise the awareness about why do we need to save water and how can we do it. The event kicks off on March 22 and will... Continue reading

National Old Stuff Day

old stuffed animal On Old Stuff Day we let go of the burdens of the past and look forward to what new life has to offer us. It is always celebrated on March 2nd and while its origin remains unknown, it is becoming... Continue reading