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Dismantling, Demolishing, and Removing Old Garden Sheds Cost You, How Much?

Garden sheds are extremely useful and sturdy as long as they are fixed and taken care of regularly.

But if your garden shed is not in great shape anymore and you want to do garden clearance and get rid of it, you’re probably wondering what the process will cost. 

We disclaim that dismantling a garden shed is not as difficult as you think, thus the quick and easy-to-follow guide below.

Cover the basics of dismantling or demolishing old garden sheds and the costs involved.

Important Aspects to Consider Before Dismantling Your Shed

Each shed is unique and we can’t tell what level of degradation yours is in right now, so it’s important to remind you that safety comes first. You wouldn’t want dangerous waste. If your shed is showing visible signs of rot, or if it is already falling apart, be as careful as possible throughout the complete process.

When dismantling an old garden shed, it is quite important to know whether it has a base and to have a clear idea of the overall condition of the building. 

Start by removing any obvious hazards such as rotten wood, broken glass, rusty nails and screws, debris, heavy things. 

Do not hesitate to ask for help if you need to remove something dangerous or heavy. Better be safe than sorry!

It’s key to turn off all the utilities that are running to the shed before you dismantle it. A professional should only remove the piping and wiring.

If you want to be successful, we recommend planning that includes gathering information about permits, ensuring that you have the tools necessary. 

For professionals, hire a rubbish removal company to learn about the costs.

Tools and materials that you will need for this project: screwdriver, crowbar, ladder, pliers, wrench, hammer, sledgehammer, safety gear (goggles, hard hat, heavy-duty gloves, and boots).

Step 1. Remove Doors and Windows 

Once all the hazards have been properly removed and the shed is empty, dismantle. 

Removing doors and windows first. This is a straightforward and relatively easy step, and the key tool that to use is a crowbar. You’ll also need small and heavy ladders, adjustable wrench, pliers, screwdriver, sledgehammer, hammer, chisel, crowbar, spare 2x4s, reciprocating saw, roofing shovel.

  • Remove the glass before you dismantle the windows and doors, so the glass doesn’t break. 
  • Move the glass to a different location to avoid having a door or a piece of wood falling on it and breaking it.
  • Consider recycling your glass windows.

Step 2. Remove the Roof

This one is tricky. 

The roof is quite large and heavy and rotten wood can make this step riskier. 

So, start by removing the insulation, the roofing felt, and the shingles. If you’ve ever seen an old shingle roof, you already know that they become stuck together and quite brittle so you might need to use force to tear them off. 

A crowbar and a screwdriver will come in handy if you’ll have to remove screws and fasteners.

Again, taking down the roof can be more difficult than removing the windows and doors, so we recommend asking a friend or a neighbour to help you out, or hiring professionals for this part.

Step 3. Take Down the Walls

All that’s left to remove now are the walls of the shed which are quite easy to dismantle, but you’re going to need plenty of patience because there will be a lot of nails involved. 

Start from the outside and you better have your nail-removing tools. Wooden sheds, nails hold the whole thing together. Naturally, in newer sheds, everything will be easier to remove, including the screws and the nails, but in old sheds, you’ll probably need to use a crowbar.

Step 4. Dispose of the Debris 

If your shed is made entirely out of wood, you’re in luck. There are a ton of ways to recycle old wood, and if you’re out of ideas, you can probably find someone who needs it and donate it.

Here are some cool things that you can do with old wood: shelves, organisers, patio furniture such as benches and tables, fences, planter boxes, headboards, wooden walls, and so on. One day you might even recycle the furniture, too.

But, if you simply want to get rid of everything and have a nice backyard and garden in a matter of hours, it’s important to have a rubbish disposal plan in place. By working with a rubbish disposal company, you save a lot of time and effort and you don’t have to worry about storing all the materials.

But to ask the real question. 

How much will it cost to remove an old garden shed? 

Waste depends on the size of your shed, the location, and the company that you’re going to hire. If you do most of the work yourself, the rubbish removal shouldn’t break the bank. 

Expect to pay between £200 and £300. As mentioned above, they will charge you based on several factors, including the weight and type of rubbish. Furniture disposal has different prices, depending on the items, so if you want to get rid of an old mattress as well, why not do it now? It will only cost you an extra £38 or so (additional charges might apply). If you want to hire a team of specialists to dismantle and remove your old garden shed (which is highly recommended if you don’t have any previous experience with similar DIY projects), it might be useful to know that the average costs are up to £1,500. 

But because the costs might vary, it’s best to request a quote from the company.

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