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Chiswick’s Waste Collection Issues

New Rubbish Collection Changes Don’t Always Run as Smoothly as They Should

While we like to hear stories of success we’re always on the lookout for tales where things have not really gone according to plan. Many lessons can be learned and thereby the mistakes not repeated, when you look at the good and bad side of any argument. One change that has caused a lot of comments from our customers is the change to refuse collections all across the UK. A lot of good things are set to come out of the changes but as is often the case there is always some negative feedback and we’re going to look at just one location where things look a little awry.

The problem of fly-tipping is becoming a bit of an issue in West London, particularly Chiswick. Residents say fly-tippers are leaving piles of rubbish in their streets. Some are even saying the area is starting to look like a municipal rubbish dump. One unfortunate side-effect of the new rubbish collection changes is the increase in illegal fly-tipping. Some people are not making any attempts to reduce their levels of rubbish but are instead throwing it wherever they can. And it’s not just domestic refuse but commercial too.

The blame is very squarely being laid at the doors of the London borough of Hounslow. They already had issues with the effectiveness of their rubbish collection service but things seem to have worsened since they contracted a private company. The council have said they will continue to work with the contractor to improve things for local residents. Although fines have been issued much more can be done to make those who won’t change see the error of their ways.

Both the contractor and the local authority will be looking for ways to educate the community in how to dispose of their waste correctly. Only by all working together can we make any impact on the day to day levels of waste we create. Here at Rubbish Please we’ll be following this story to see how successful it’s been.

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