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Money-Saving Tips for a Hassle-FREE House Clearance

Is your home cluttered with old dusty items?
Do you need to make space for new pieces of furniture or modern electrical appliances?

Cluttered house full of stuff to throw out

Are you becoming more mindful and want to have a minimalist home?

It may sound like an unbearable and complicated task at first. That’s why Rubbish Please, Junk Removal Company shares the steps to perform a hassle-free household clearance.

Whatever the reason, be it relocation, a house bought for cash, or you/re just need to declutter, house clearance, garage clean-out, loft clearing, etc. can be beneficial for both your property and your mental health. 

Note: For after builders waste – use a professional. Also, consider daily rubbish collection to avoid piles and save time.

For details and advice, contact us at your convenience. For some tips go carry house clearances, read further.

How to Organise Your Time and Belongings

First tip:

Free your schedule and dedicate your attention to the house clearance process. We advise you to allocate half a day for each room in need of clearance. You’ll have just enough time to perform the task without feeling stressed and overburdened.

Once you’ve prepared the schedule, it’s time to organise your stuff. Go through the items and decide which to keep, resell, give away or trash. 

A creative and effective method for completing this task is the traffic light system. Use colourful sticky notes to label everything in the room:

A simple system to help with house clearance
  • Red: things you want to keep if well taken care of;
  • Yellow: belongings for donation or resell;
  • Green: items you want to throw away.

If there are any personal items important to you, for instance: documents, photos, jewels, and more, ensure you remove these before your house clearance starts.

How to Dispose of the Unwanted Items

So far, so good!

You already decided what you want to keep, what you should wash more often, and what doesn’t have a place in your home anymore. Some of these unnecessary items might have a second chance if well taken care of. Others definitely need to go.

Here are some simple tips:

  1. Organise a garage sale. Collect all things in good condition that others can re-used/repurpose. Put up posters around your neighbourhood or create an online event to inform your community about the sale. Then it’s time for pricing and negotiating.
  2. Give away to a charity. Select a local non-government organization or a dedicated charity shop and donate your old belongings. You will surely put a smile on someone’s face.
  3. Make a gift to a friend, relative, or neighbour. You probably don’t suspect that lots of friends like your old stuff and would gladly own it. This is a great way to dispose of furniture, clothes, shoes, curtains, blankets, books, appliances, etc.
  4. Sell online. You’ll need extra time and resources to post your items online and deal with delivery. 
  5. Reuse and repurpose. There are many DIY tutorials for giving a new life to an old item. For example, you can make comfy stools out of car tires. Or turn an old ladder to a plant shelf. Here are some facts about recycling you should know.
  6. Hire a house clearance company. When you are sure that some things are good only for the bin, then contact a specialised company to collect the rubbish. They own spacious vans and professional equipment to ease the process. They also have permits to dispose of household items. They also know how to deal with hazardous and electronic waste.

How to Optimise the Cost for a House Clearance Service

Compare the price given by the company you selected over the phone and the written quote before they carry any work.

In both cases, the provider should stick to the same price. A verbal agreement only is far from sufficient.

Dоn’t еvеr рау uр frоnt fоr а hоuѕеhold сlеаrаnсе. 

Wait until you inspect the property and verify that the job is well done. The rubbish removals company may require a front fee. This means a deposit or partial payment upfront. Our advice is to never ever pay the full price of the service before it’s completed.

There are a few things you can do to keep the price of the property clearance down:

  • Pre-sort the waste in different categories. Make it easier for the removal company to dispose of the items in the best manner. For instance, separate your furniture from your small kitchen appliances. Collect all garden waste in a dedicated spot away from the rest of the rubbish.
  • Move the items closer to the entrance so we can quickly pick them up. The less time the house clearance takes, the cheaper the service.

Have in mind that if you opt for a cheaper service, it may cost you more. A low quote from a company may show that they consider illegally disposing of the waste. If your trash is fly-tipped, and it’s possible to link it back to you, you may receive a £5,000 fine. 

Choose a reliable company that follows the legal requirements and waste policy and will responsibly dispose and recycle your belongings. 

How to Run a Smooth Property Clearance

  • Let the company know where they can park their vehicle. You can reserve a space by speaking to neighbours or by saving a spot with your own car.
  • Inform the provider if parking around your home is paid only. They might need special access. All parking information will be helpful and appreciated.
  • Let neighbours know that you hired a professional company for clearing rubbish from your house. Otherwise, they may think the property is being robbed and thus cause unnecessary stress, and worry.
  • Help workmen and share the advice of any cupboards, lofts, sheds, or cubby holes that have lots of contents. This is not your responsibility, but it helps avoid issues down the road.
  • Do not remove or add contents to the property after you had the quote. If you are to change the contents, let the contractor know and adjust the quote, commented Bournemouth Rubbish Clearance.

How to Be Safe During a Household Clearance

Last but not least, think about your health. If you are performing the house clearance by yourself, open plenty of windows and get a dusk mask, especially if clearing items from the loft or cellar.

Take extra care when lifting heavy items. Bend from the knees and keep your back straight. If you carry a big item together with a helper, always discuss initially how to lift it, what your path is, and where to put it down.

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