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Bicycle Recycling Gets a New Twist in Brixton


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Innovative recycling ideas now make the headlines in today’s environmentally conscious world. It would once have been considered cooky but residents in Brixton have an exciting new venture called Cycooldelic.

Revolution that has opened its doors in Brixton Road. Describing themselves as a community bicycle recycling organisation their aim is to explore and share everything there is to know about bicycles, how to fix and maintain them, how to ride them, make bicycle trailers and examining the technology in pedal power. They have set themselves the task of connecting communities through bicycles and art. The building’s exterior is so colourfully decorated you’ll be hard pressed to miss it if you’re wandering down Brixton Road.

The venture was launched in 2009 and brought together accredited instructors, mechanics, workshop facilitators and artists under one roof. A Latin American collective of artists, known as Nueva Generacion, founded the project and you’ll be surprised, or not, to know they have an iguana and a parrot as resident pets.

Cycooldelic also restore and refurbish second-hand bikes in order to sell them. Many of these bikes found their way there via Lambeth’s Reuse and Recycling Centre. They also have a thriving second hand part side to their business and locals are raving about the the coffee shop at the front that sells fantastic Columbian coffee.

We’ll be on the lookout for more exciting and innovative ideas that are springing up in a neighbourhood close to you or feel free to let us now about a recycling venture you’re involved in. We’re a very environmentally concious business and love to hear what the community are up to.

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