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Better Prices and Offers with Rubbish Please’s New Website

rubbish pleaseThe London waste removal company Rubbish Please will now be giving its customers easier access to special deals through its newly designed website.

The new site was launched on the 21st of January this year and immediately made it possible for visitors to the home page to find the information they need faster. Opening the page in a browser, the customer is now treated to a clear and concise layout, including a slide that displays the best offers available and a sidebar for site navigation. The new content makes choosing a service far simpler.

‘Making sure our customers can easily spot how they can get the best deal was our main goal,’ says Rune Sovendahl, CEO of Rubbish Please. ‘Obviously ensuring that the new site stayed true to the our vision and brand colours was important, but the fact that you can now visit the site and get what you need in a couple of clicks was key,’ he added.

rubbish pleaseRubbish Please will continue to add more special offers in the months to come, the company revealed, making their services an interesting choice for Londoners who want to keep the cost of their rubbish removal as low as possible.

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