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Benefits of Recycling

Why should I recycle? It’s an all too common question, but the answers may surprise you. Recycling is no longer for, “green fanatics,” but an easy and necessary way to contribute to the planet. It may be hard to see how your contribution helps, but remember, a trickle of water can carve through even the toughest rock.

Did you know 60-75% of common waste can be recycled? In simpler terms, six to seven of every 10 pieces of rubbish can be reused. A staggering statistic, isn’t it? Your bin, often seen as a little monster used for gobbling up refuse, is a treasure trove of renewable resources. Again, where it may be difficult to quantify how your bit helps, there are positive impacts on environment and industry alike. It’s cheaper for businesses to recover raw resources from existing items than to manufacture new ones. With cheaper production costs, prices go down, and everyone is happy.

Where recycling can see like a time consuming hassle, it’s easier than making a proper cup of tea. All you simply need to do is create a separate bin for your recycling. You can even set it right next to the bin where regular rubbish goes! Most councils offer a blue recycling bin, but if yours doesn’t, you can use anything to keep your recyclables. The sort list of what is recyclable is as follows: aluminum, plastics, and paper. If you’re ever unsure, a quick Internet search is one way to find an answer, or just look on the item itself. Most will indicate if they are recyclable or made from recycled products, always a dead give away.

The third and best part of recycling–aside from doing our planet a kindness, of course–is clearing out a little space. Yes, most day to day recycling will be your rubbish, but when was the last time you sifted through the attic? There is surely something you’d be glad to be rid of. Old furniture? Reusable. Old electronics? Recycling gold. Unspecified junk? Your planet thanks you in advance. For larger items like these, you’ll need to reach out to the professionals, and you’d be hard pressed to find a more reputable outfit than Rubbish Please. As the, “please,” indicates, they even have good manners. Rubbish Please is a quick phone call away, and they specialize not only in large item removal, but they are masters at finding a better future for these items as a recycled good.

If you do your part, it’s one drop in the tide of change. The drop becomes a trickle, the trickle becomes a stream, and some day, the movements is a raging river of reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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